Climate, oil and Uganda – Perspectives with Dr Elly Karuhanga


Climate, oil and Uganda – Perspectives with Dr Elly Karuhanga

THE UGANDA OIL PROJECT: A CAREFULLY CONSIDERED OPPORTUNITY FOR UGANDA’S ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT  BY HON. Dr. ELLY KARUHANGA. Personal opinion Throughout my life I never knew I would find some environmental activists objectionable and so counter to African interests. This is disturbing. I give you a woman called Joyce Katushabe who is from Buliisa on oil rich western […]

By Yamikani Nicholas Kachingwe.">


AN APPEAL TO THE PRESIDENT OF MALAWI AND THE LEADERS OF ASIAN BUSINESS CAPTAINS. By Yamikani Nicholas Kachingwe. I for one have noted with great disdain on how some people due to ignorance and lack of knowledge are going astray to the extent of becoming paupers and enemies of progress. The majority of Malawians need […]



DON’T SHOOT SIR, I AM ONLY A CHILD! (Dedicated to the memory of all the children who are victims of war) The flaming sounds of fury and rage, Thundered through the stillness of the sleepy dawn, I dared not move my little frame in fear of the impending rampage, Beweeping softly my direful fate as […]


“India’s Decision to Abstain from the UN vote on Russia was craven” Discuss

Today, with your leave, we are going to try something a bit different on The Global Indian Series: a debate. Our motion is as follows: ‘This House believes that India’s decision to abstain from U.N. vote against Russia was craven” In the interests of fairness, we shall put forward both sides of the argument, […]


Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came

Vladimir Putin: A Russian Tyrant and a Demagogue who must be punished I am inherently opposed to war between countries in any form. Yet, every so often we get reminded of Wilfred Owen’s poem, The Futility of War”, like we are being reminded at this moment in history. Being a closet polemologist, it was depressing […]


What’s in a name? The Politics of Naming

“What’s in a name?” as Juliet so famously asks. ‘”That which we call a rose/ By any other name would smell as sweet.” Or would it? Names matter. They enshrine identity. Indeed, they enact it. Names tell their own (his)stories and silence others. They are not mere labels. They carry a freight of associations which […]


You’ve crossed a line, Jimmy Carr

It was with horror that we at The Global Indian reacted to your highly insulting and profoundly unfunny joke about the Roma. Your referred to it as a ‘career ender’ and your words may well prove prophetic. All right minded people are appalled by your comments. You are an educated man with a keen wit. […]


The World Facing Grave Dangers

This year marks sixty years since the world came to the very brink of nuclear war. The event hascome to be known as the “Cuban Missile Crisis”. We now know from the documents releasedfrom the US State Department, the Kennedy papers and more recently from the archive in theformer Soviet Union that we were really […]

Narendh Ganesh - Dear south Africa">

If the USA can do it, why can’t we in South Africa? Is it time that we see a President selected on merit and not melanin to lead South Africa?

COULD SOUTH AFRICA HAVE A WHITE, INDIAN OR COLOURED PRESIDENT CHOSEN ON LEADERSHIP MERIT IN THE FUTURE? A Pik Botha Deja vu moment I encountered my first taste of racism at the tender age of seven. My dad had taken me on a fishing trip to what was then commonly referred to as the “Snake […]


11 Indian Words used in English and How they help us rethink the Indian Diaspora

  India has contributed dozens of words to the English language. This is a testament not only to the richness of Hindi, Urdu and Hindustani but also to the peculiar way the English language, perhaps more than any other, has of absorbing words from other languages.  English and ‘Indianness’ Inevitably, English has shaped notions of […]

Romani community and India article">

The Roma, one of the Lost Tribes of India

The Indian Diaspora is not a modern phenomenon. As we say on the Global Indian series, we’re everywhere! And South Asians were there a long, long time ago. The Roma (or Gypsies as they are known in Britain) hail from the Punjab region of northern India as nomads and entered Europe between the eighth and […]


My tribute to Desmond Mpilo Tutu

He was dimunitive – quite affable – oftentimes quite rumbunctious, but he was never boring – never. I had the distinct honour and privilege to have met the “Arch”, together with the Reverend Frank Chikane and the Reverend Beyers Naude, while being a student at the University of the Western-Cape, during the turbulent days of […]


Miss Universe: The Planet and our Borders

When the 21-year-old Harnaaz Sandhu from the Punjab was crowned Miss Universe, India rejoiced. And why not? When she did her cat impression, they laughed. When she said: “Never compromise on your hobby because that could lead to your dream career” they nodded sagely. There she was with her sash emblazoned with ‘Miss India’ -a […]

is the war on drugs a war on society?">

Is the war on “drugs” a war on society?

Civilisation & Drugs-The Hidden Truth   For most, the notion of psychedelics brings to mind Goa in the 1970s or the Beatles sitting crossed legged, beads in hand exploring the yellow submarine of sorts. However despite the propaganda of the notion of left field hippies, there is a growing movement of change that is dispelling […]

Global Indian Series perspectives on Priti Patel and the borders bill">

Priti Patel could be extradited to India under Law

  Priti Patel is cock-a-hoop. Her controversial Nationality and Borders Bill has been passed by Parliament. The Nationality and Borders Bill raise questions about what it means to be a “British subject” in the 21st Century. Because the stark reality is If you fall into the “wrong” category, you or your kin could be repatriated […]

Niala Amin discusses child marriage on the Global Indian Series">

Naila Amin: Naila Amin, a Child Marriage Survivor

Child Bride: Naila Amin At just 15, Naila Amin was a just a schoolgirl. Yet she had already been engaged for eight years to a man 13 years her senior. What is more, she had taken part in two Islamic religious marriage ceremonies, both against her will. Engaged at 8. Married at 15   In […]

a-response-to-rramharacks-anti-jaganism article by Donald Ramotar">

Former President of Guyana Ronald Ramotar Launches scathing attack on Anti-Jaganism

It was with a great deal of sadness that I read Ramharack’s lengthy article in the “Stabroek News” of November 28, 2021 headlined “Re-imagining Cheddi Jagan: Cultural Moorings and Political Recklessness”: The author is a well-known anti-Jaganist, one of those middle-class Indians who hates Jagan’s pro-working class politics. First of all, he, like so many […]

Naila Amin - Changing perceptions around child marriage">

Child Marriage: The Awful Truth

Child marriage murders innocence. To be married as a child effectively brings childhood to an end. And it robs a girl of the education to which she should be entitled, it forces her to deal with the trials of adulthood before she is ready and breaks most of her human rights. In short, the scourge […]



Beginning from October 29, world leaders will assemble in Scotland to discuss one of the most important global problems that face every person, which is the question of Climate Change. This issue is so important that it can spell the end of life as we know it on earth and therefore demands more than talk […]

Partners in upbringing">


I was shopping at a wet market in Singapore, when my 3-year-old son Ishaan, pointed towards something and said “Mama, can I buy this please?” he was holding a long stick with a loop at an end. He had found it next to the cashier, at a very prominent place for a fresh vegetable shop. […]



Never did it cross my mind that my home and people would need to be protected in the manner which has been required over the last week. The sense of survival and fear mixed with adrenaline was the combination felt by many citizens in the KwaZulu Natal and Gauteng provinces of South Africa. It was […]



by Hardeep Singh | First published in The Spectator | President Biden’s decision to ‘end the war in Afghanistan’ means the complete withdrawal of 3,500 US troops by the 20th anniversary of 9/11. However, what may be domestically popular — particularly among Trump voters — will soon have consequences for the Afghans left unguarded by […]



*The madness and futility of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict* Wars serve no purpose – they destroy humanity – they exacerbate human suffering to extreme levels of intolerability. Wilfred Owen, in his 1918 poem, “Futility”, exemplifies what a wasteful by-product war has become of man’s inhumanity to man. The raging Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a heresy and must […]



On Monday May 10, clashes between Palestinians and Israelis erupted once again. The reason for the clashes this time was due to the fact that the Israeli regime have moved to expel Palestinians from their homes in East Jerusalem to make way for new Israeli settlers. They are people who were not just born in […]

By Yamikani Nicholas Kachingwe. for the Global Indians">


I for one have noted with great disdain on how some people due to ignorance and lack of knowledge are going astray to the extent of becoming paupers and enemies of progress. The majority of Malawians need a total mindset overhaul.  We are used to average levity, poverty-infused development, and living below the poverty line […]

Article on Indian parenting Image courtesy Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels">

When you leave this world, what kind of child would you have left behind when your story is eventually told?

*When you leave this world, what kind of child would you have left behind when your story is eventually told?* William Wordsworth’s epigram, “the child is the father of man” encapsulates a unique but unwritten reality that most parents face today. As children, blessed enough to have had the consort of parents, most of us […]

Rajan Nazran with young writer Larra Nazran">


My daughter Larra wrote this – at the time she was 6. She entered a literary competition for Black Lives Matter. She did not make it into the finals, but for me, the theme and how it was tackled by her could be a lesson that we can all learn from our children. It looks […]


Sensitivity & Emotional Challenges

Why are kids are so sensitive these days? Why do they just cry even for the smallest things? How to deal with Tantrums and unending demands? Should I punish my child for his bad behaviour or is he too young? Every time my daughter does not win a prize or even a star in school […]


Dreams and Immigration Guilt

Many of the global indian diaspora is dispersed through immigration. We are everywhere! Our parents and grandparents often tell stories of how they arrived in the country with nothing but a few pounds and a dream. We often laugh at this exaggerated statement but when we stop and realise the sacrifices they made, we are […]



The ushering in of a Global Indian 2021 seemed so extraordinary – surreal in fact. No family and friends mingling, no hugs and handshakes for the neighbours – for the very first time in my life, and I suspect for countless others, the dawning of the new year could not have been so different as […]



The colonial importation of Indian citizens from the sub-continent to South Africa in 1860 entrenched a historical perspective  that runs very deep into the veins of a country whose own history has ebbed and flowed in ways we least imagined. The prime objective of this importation was not simply a migration but a decidedly egregious […]


In the era of Covid have we lost our minds?

In this world where a pandemic is not discriminating who it attacks, we have for centuries been living with a pandemic that has touched every single person in the world in every era and has never been given the respect and healing it deserves. This is the pandemic that is mental health illness. Everyone of […]


Brainless beliefs and facts of reality – can we live in a world where both can co-exist, please?

Divya Nazran takes a second look at social constructs within the South Asian community, and provides a challenging view on beliefs v reality


Curry Goat as a Metaphor for the Indian/Jamaican Future

As Curry Goat is quite easily and readily seen as both Jamaican and Indian, so too must Jamaican identity itself be seen. An in-depth discussion by Dr Kirk Meighoo


Lest we forget. The Coolie Odyssey

Rajesh Gopie delves into the question of identity, indenture and the need to understand more about our joint experiences


A different kind of superpower

Sadhguru Isha foundation – Global Indian Perspective JRD Tata, whose family is among those  responsible for building the basic foundations  for Indian industry, was once asked  if he wanted India to become an economic  superpower. He replied, “No, I do not  want India to be an economic superpower.  I want India to be a happy country.”  The […]

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Ep#40 Why Teach YOGA to Children?

It is a general perception that Yoga is for adults and not for children,  We were also a bit confused unbtill we spoke to our guest today about why should we teach Yoga to our children. Today we are in conversation with a special guest who is a journalist by profession, but is an avid […]

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