From arctic tundras in the far North to the tropical rainforests in Central and South, the Americas have national parks, mountains, waterfalls, deserts, Hollywood, skyscrapers and Indians! Spanning two continents, it is the largest land mass in the Western Hemisphere so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many people of Indian origin and non resident Indians call it home - circa 4.5million in fact! Though the majority live in either Canada or the USA, there are Indian communities all over Central and South America too, particularly in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Guyana, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela! Starting in the 17th century, the East India Company brought indentured Indians to American colonies, but it wasn’t until the 19th century that significant populations began arriving because of difficulties facing Indian farmers in India. Canadian steamship companies also recruited these farmers and that began the trend that increased emigration throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, particularly after WW2. Interestingly, not all Indians came from India: many came from Europe, Africa and Far East Asia. In Central and South America, many of the Indians there today are chiefly descendants of Indian indentured labourers in the Guyanas, with significant waves of migration starting from the 1960s. Join us as we discover, celebrate and learn more about who we have become. Our Global Indian Americas journey has begun.


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There is no such thing as the Indian Diaspora

When on February 16th India Diaspora announced with great fanfare that n0 fewer than 200 people of Indian origin occupy positions of leadership and 60 are cabinet ministers around the world, we at The Global Indian weren’t surprised in the least. At 18 million, India’s diaspora is the largest in the world. It stands […]



by Hardeep Singh | First published in The Spectator Last week, the New York Times mapped the location and number of casualties of mass shootings that have occurred on US soil in 2021. It’s a ‘partial’ list, but remarkable, nevertheless. March alone saw the senseless killing of ten people in Colorado, four in California, eight in Atlanta, […]


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EP#62 Navigating Parental Anxiety and Depression with Jenna Clancey

Do you ever find yourself caught in a whirlwind of negative thoughts? In this episode, we've brought to light the often overlooked issue of parental anxiety and depression, which affects 1 out of 5 women and 1 out of 10 men after becoming parents. Our guest, the inspiring parent Jenna Clancey, who is not only […]

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