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The Immigrant Experience: Overcoming Hurdles

The Immigrant Experience: Overcoming Hurdles — The immigrant experience is full of excitement and the hurdles become easy to overcome because of the irrepressible desire to succeed, says DIVYA KAELEY It’s mid-2012 when we arrive at the busy Toronto Pearson Airport as permanent residents. The hustle and bustle makes me nervous and the cool July […]

Staff writer November 29, 2022


Meet The 23-Year-Old Indian-Origin Astronaut Whose Life Mission Is to explore space

Meet The 23-Year-Old Indian-Origin Astronaut Whose Life Mission Is to explore space — Sirisha Bandla worked hard at her dream of going into space despite having it shattered once. The young Indian-origin astronaut talks about her incredible experience in space – and about doing a somersault! The earliest memory that Sirisha Bandla, Vice President of Government […]

Staff writer November 28, 2022

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    Are you often told you are not Indian enough to be a “real” Indian and does the colour of your skin define the concept of national identity?  It may sound like a contentious statement, but in an era of identity weaponry, both are statements that are true and reflective of deeper issues at play.


    Today I am joined by good friend, musical icon and HBO presenter Sarah Packiam as she takes me on a raw account to discuss the ideas that govern her own sense of being and the impact it has on her sense of connection.


    As you will hear, this conversation takes a deep dive into questions that redefine how we choose to view life and importantly, addresses a modern existential crisis for an entire generation of Global Indians.





    About Sarah Packiam


    Born in Ireland to an Irish mother and an Indian father, Sarah Packiam was raised with a multicultural and biracial identity. Her father a blues guitarist, her inspiration for picking up the guitar. Her mother, a poet, the driving force behind Sarah’s songwriting. Over the years, her experience as a biracial female artist has motivated her to promote and support diversity and other female artists. On International Women’s Day 2019, Sarah released “She’s a Riot”, in honor of women who have paved the way for current and future generations. Most recently, Sarah has had the privilege of being a host on HBO’s  International Emmy nominated show “A Tiny Audience”, which officially premiered in the USA in February 2020 and is currently in its 3rd season.  On the show, Sarah and two other hosts interview famous Latin musicians before an intimate audience. In an unexpected and exciting turn of events, during one interview, Colombian superstar, Juanes, handed Sarah his guitar and asked her to sing one of her own songs for him. She humbly obliged, receiving the praise and encouragement of Juanes afterward. It was an unforgettable experience for Sarah and her fans, showing once again the importance of artists supporting artists. Ultimately, no matter the gig, show, or song,  Sarah’s goal is to spread her message of positivity, with a touch of pop, folk, and rock and roll.  To read more click here:




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    My name is Rajan Nazran Chief Explorer for the Global Indian Series, the official platform for people of Indian origin (PIO) and liberal minds, because let’s face it, we are everywhere!

    For over 15 years I have travelled across the globe deep diving into 60+ countries whilst exploring the kaleidoscope of our remarkable 50 shades of brown community.

    Voyaging to the edges of the Amazon, facing Ebola in West Africa, being held hostage in Eastern Europe, tapping rubber in Malaysia, drinking chai with Heads of State and sharing laughter with local fishermen – I have been there, looking for the ideas that re-shape a nation.

    My purpose is simple, to build a living encyclopaedia of the human experience of the community and a safe mooring ground for open discussions, whether you are an NRI, Indian Diaspora, person of Indian origin (PIO) or a fan of South Asian anthropology, join in as we bring people and communities together.

    Through our range of award-winning original content (print, podcasts, events and TV) and fascinating discussions, our impactful stories and platforms have spearheaded national and international conversations that have brought people together.  Our work is featured in global brands including The Indian Express through to the CNBC network.

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    Guest: Sarah Packiam
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    Are you often told you are not Indian enough to be a “real” Indian and does the colour of your skin define the concept of national identity?  It may sound like a contentious statement, but in an era of identity weaponry, both are statements that are …

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