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The Price of Citizenship?

With the rise in anti-Indian sentiment in countries such as South Africa coupled with tougher anti-immigration policies in the Northern and Southern hemisphere, we children of the Indian diaspora, increasingly need to look our futures. Life in South Africa has become intolerable for many Indians. The riots of 2021 will leave scars for many years […]

admin January 13, 2022


Open letter to The President of South Africa: Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa

The President : Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa The Republic of South Africa Sir, “IF YOU HOLD THE POWER, YOU BEAR THE RESPONSIBILITY” You will be soon required, as the president, to deliver your “STATE OF THE NATION ADDRESS” – an address that is meant to inspire and motivate the country to do better, to live better […]

Narendh Ganesh January 8, 2022

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    Today marks the second voyage of the History of Indianness.  In this episode we look back at the almost forgotten world of Indentureship and the silent war that was Sugar. With painstaking research, we bring together a formidable group of historians, former heads of state, playwrights and social commentators to guide you through a dramatic period of history that redefined our notions of Indianness and saw the spirit of a community in the vortex of corruption and hate. This immersive podcast begins dramatically on board  the Whitby in 1838, the first ship to carry Indian indentured labourers to the colonies.

    We touch on:

    The hidden history of Indentureship
    Common misperceptions
    The stories of triumph in the face of certain death
    A deeper look into John Gladstone and Black Lives Matter
    The way Sugar has changed the course of Indian identity
    Ending identity politics in former colonies

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    We do this by plunging into the human experience of being a person of Indian origin (PIO), taking a second look at the countries we now call home and tackling the conversations we need to know more about.

    Through our range of award-winning original content (print, podcasts, events and TV) and fascinating discussions, our impactful stories and platforms have spearheaded national and international conversations that have brought people together.  Our work is featured in global brands including The Indian Express through to the CNBC network.

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    Episode: 96

    Presenter – Rajan Nazran

    Producer –Global Indian Series/NazranRoth

    Guests: in order of appearance

    Alex – Senior Content creator – Global Indian Series
    H.E President Donald Ramotar – Former President of Guyana | Global Indian Ambassador at large
    Narendh Ganesh – Global Indian Correspondent – South Africa | Activist
    Rajesh Gopie – Global Indian Ambassador to South Africa – Playwright, actor
    Dr Terencia Joseph, Assistant Professor in History at the University of the Southern Caribbean (USC)
    Sabir Nakhuda – Author, historian and social commentator – Barbados

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    Today marks the second voyage of the History of Indianness.  In this episode we look back at the almost forgotten world of Indentureship and the silent war that was Sugar. With painstaking research, we bring together a formidable group of historians, for…

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