Gurdwara bombing may signal the end of Afghanistan’s Sikhs

Fate of Sikhs in Afghanistan">

Gurdwara bombing may signal the end of Afghanistan’s Sikhs

The Afghan ambassador to India described Islamic State’s bombing of a Sikh temple in Kabul as an “attack on the entire civilised population of Afghanistan”. Narendra Modi, India’s prime minister, called it “barbaric” and “ghastly”. The Islamic State-Khorasan (Isis-K) attacked the Gurdwara Karte Parwan in Kabul’s Bagh-e Bala area on Saturday, killing at least two people, including a Sikh […]


The Indian Citizen of South Africa is your compatriot – not your enemy

The young “Black” Lady who made a Tik-Tok video entitled, “The Hierarchy of our Blackness” The Indian Citizen of South Africa is your compatriot – not your enemy Madam My initial reaction after watching the video you made on Tik-Tok entitled, “The hierarchy of blackness” was to unleash a tirade at what I perceived as […]


The Jews of India: Small in Number, Great in Impact

There are a mere 4, 500 Jews in India in a population of 1.5. billion. Talk about minorities! What they may lack in numbers, they have made up for in other ways-cultural, political and financial. From the Babylonian Captivity to the present, the experience of the Jews has been one of sorrow. By contrast, that […]


A Pretty Pass for Priti Patel: Is the The National and Borders bill Dead in the Water?

Let joy be unconfined. Wiser counsels have prevailed. This week the Lords have voted down four controversial clauses in the Nationality and Borders Bill by a majority of 78. The Lords Temporal rejected all four, including Clause 9, as indeed did Baroness Warsi, who was the first Muslim woman to serve in the Cabinet. […]


How Diverse is diversity?

Despite being the second-largest ethnic group in the UK, British Asians are conspicuous by their near absence from most adverts, programmes (terrestrial, streaming on otherwise).  Stereotypes abound. People of Indian origin still tend to play doctors, scientists and when they are cast against type, it all too often feels like tokenism. If the advert wants […]


What really lies behind the Hijab ban in Karnataka?

Today, The Global Indian Series asks: what really lies behind the Hijab ban in Karnataka? On February 5th, the southern state government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) banned clothes that “disturb equality, integrity and public order”: This in effect meant a ban on the hijab. The whole affair raises many […]


You’ve crossed a line, Jimmy Carr

It was with horror that we at The Global Indian reacted to your highly insulting and profoundly unfunny joke about the Roma. Your referred to it as a ‘career ender’ and your words may well prove prophetic. All right minded people are appalled by your comments. You are an educated man with a keen wit. […]


The Plight of the Roma in Europe-By Ambassador Grattan

Dear fellow Ambassadors, As one newly joined to your ranks, I take this opportunity to bring to yourattention – with a call to action – the gross racism and violence both verbaland physical increasingly undergone by Roma in Europe – at a time, I mustadd when the Romani people worldwide are seeking closer ties with […]


The Nationality & Borders Bill: Should Clause 9 be removed?

  It is a mere matter of time before The Borders and Nationality Bill ( becomes the law of the land and when it does, it will give the state unprecedented powers to remove citizens of their citizenship without informing them. There are real fears up and down the land that ethnic minorities (particularly those […]


The Memons

Long and proud is the history of the Memons. Traditionally, Memons have made highly successful merchant tradesmen. They have long had a well-deserved reputation for alms-giving and philanthropy. But who are they? Tracing their roots to Sindh, Kutch and Kathiawar, the Memons are an ethnic group whose origins are much debated. According to one hypothesis, […]


11 Indian Words used in English and How they help us rethink the Indian Diaspora

  India has contributed dozens of words to the English language. This is a testament not only to the richness of Hindi, Urdu and Hindustani but also to the peculiar way the English language, perhaps more than any other, has of absorbing words from other languages.  English and ‘Indianness’ Inevitably, English has shaped notions of […]


Covid and our stories

The world is changing, and I am proud to say we are part of that change as the Global Indian. Just under 2 years ago, before working from home was merely a privilege for the chosen few, and a national toilet paper rationing was something left to the wild imagination of writers of satire, there […]

Narendh Ganesh, Global Indian Correspondent - open letter to the President cover">

Open letter to The President of South Africa: Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa

The President : Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa The Republic of South Africa Sir, “IF YOU HOLD THE POWER, YOU BEAR THE RESPONSIBILITY” You will be soon required, as the president, to deliver your “STATE OF THE NATION ADDRESS” – an address that is meant to inspire and motivate the country to do better, to live better […]

Brain drain of India">

India’s Big Fat Brain Drain

India has a big problem: a brain drain of epic proportions. The Global Indian Series can reveal that highly skilled Indians are leaving India in their droves in pursuit of better opportunities elsewhere. Small wonder the Indian diaspora is the biggest in the world. According to 2021 figure, some 3.12 million highly educated India have […]

Romani community and India article">

The Roma, one of the Lost Tribes of India

The Indian Diaspora is not a modern phenomenon. As we say on the Global Indian series, we’re everywhere! And South Asians were there a long, long time ago. The Roma (or Gypsies as they are known in Britain) hail from the Punjab region of northern India as nomads and entered Europe between the eighth and […]

Professor Lal dies in exile">

Indo-Fijian Scholar Dies in Exile

It is tragic that one of our most acclaimed scholars should die in exile, declared persona non grata by the Bainimarama Government, says Fiji Labour Party leader and former prime minister Mahendra Chaudhry. He made the comment in a statement issued yesterday in the wake of news of Prof Brij Vilash Lal’s death in Brisbane, […]

Global Indian Correspondent Narendh Ganesh takes us on the inside journey to the truth behind South Africa">


Every so often humanity is tempted to bend the arc of history, only so that the mistakes of the past are meant never to be repeated. On November 16, 1860, a ship carrying 342 indentured Indians arrived in South Africa, and this arrival marked the beginning of a long but tortuous and painful journey in […]



It has been a distressing year-and-a-half for Neha since she moved to Japan from India in January 2020. Her 6-year-old daughter and husband were supposed to follow her a couple of months later. But since then, she has been waiting desperately for them to join her. “In the beginning I was really excited because I […]



I dare say again, our duty of Indianness must go beyond the tricoloured flag of India.  Unlike structured religions where Pope-like figures lead congregations, as people of Indian origin we are led by the laws of the lands we now reside in and equally, need to place as much love and attention to our fellow […]



Julius Malema, who believes he is a law unto himself, and one that the writer considers to be an absolute racist at heart, is skating on thin ice. At a press conference, the swaggering Malema unleashes a tirade against “Indian” South Africans, claiming that there is an “Indian cabal that is taking strategic positions in […]



Conversion therapy is the practice of attempting to treat, correct or cure sexual orientation or gender identity. Primarily used against homosexuals during the 20th century, it has a long-lasting legacy across the globe. One of the main reasons for this is colonialism. Western understandings of same-sex sexuality as a sin, crime or disease were imported […]

Article for Global Indians Omita GaikwadPhoto by Yaroslav Danylchenko from Pexels">


“I have just lost my mother to Covid -19 and my father is in ICU and he doesn’t look good.” “I am the only son and I have four sisters. My family are very poor and the responsibility of running the house sits with me. Last month I had Covid and I was sacked from […]



by Hardeep Singh | First published in The Spectator Last week, the New York Times mapped the location and number of casualties of mass shootings that have occurred on US soil in 2021. It’s a ‘partial’ list, but remarkable, nevertheless. March alone saw the senseless killing of ten people in Colorado, four in California, eight in Atlanta, […]

Dr Mohan Kaul joins the Global Indian Ambassadors">

Dr Mohan Kaul joins the Global Indian Ambassadors

Press Release: On behalf of the Global Indian, it is a pleasure to announce the joining of Dr Mohan Kaul to our Global Indian Ambassadors program. Dr Kaul brings over 30 years dedicated international experience.  From setting up the Commonwealth Business Council through to hosting over 50 high-level initiatives and forums involving heads of government, […]


Indian Indenture in the Centre of World History:

The East India Company, de-industrialisation, Opium Wars, and the Global Decolonisation Movement Dr. Kirk Meighoo ABSTRACT This article will place Indian indentureship in its wider historical context as part of the historically central, long plunder of India by outside forces, and not simply an isolated, peripheral occurrence related to the end of slavery. This gives […]


“This is not India” Muzi Hlengwa and the danger of identity politics in SA

By Global Indian Correspondent – Narendh Ganesh South Africa “THIS IS NOT INDIA” – You are very observant and geographically clued-up, Muzi Hlengwa – Sadly you are not very bright!* The article in the *POST*(December 2-6), “This is not India, Newlands residents told”, refers. The confrontation between residents of Newlands and Muzi Hlengwa, leader of […]


Trapped Indian workers struggle to find way back home

Lebanon’s migrant workers left in limbo during worst economic crisis in decades



The local and cluster police including a Major General Subbiah, a person of Indian origin that professes the Hindu faith were informed of this man’s illegal activities and they did not take any measures to arrest him.



A raw heartfelt account of a father who was judged and ostracised by his community for having an autistic child.

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It is a general perception that Yoga is for adults and not for children,  We were also a bit confused unbtill we spoke to our guest today about why should we teach Yoga to our children. Today we are in conversation with a special guest who is a journalist by profession, but is an avid […]

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