“I have just lost my mother to Covid -19 and my father is in ICU and he doesn’t look good.”

“I am the only son and I have four sisters. My family are very poor and the responsibility of running the house sits with me. Last month I had Covid and I was sacked from my job due to too many days of sickness. How am I going to take care of everyone?”

“He doesn’t talk to anyone anymore and just stays in his room all the time. His college has said that he is not completing all his assessments and is not engaging in any of his classes. He is like a walking dead body…”

This list can go on and on.

2020 could be labelled as one of the most challenging years ever faced by the planet as a whole.

And 2021 is appearing as an extension of this.

Nature has hit life HARD. For everyone.

All of a sudden, those who believed they were untouchable, were reminded that we are ALL humans constructed of the same matter and in need of the same basic necessities in order to survive.

Material wealth and technological advancement were very abruptly directed towards focusing solely upon the survival and basic wellness of the entire human population.

We started to think as one race – humanity.

Colour, religion, societal status , gender along with many other differentiating characteristics have been momentarily removed from the equation and governments across the globe focused on their entire nations as a whole. This then extended to nations then supporting one another.

So amidst tremendous suffering there is arising a potential shift that could redirect and reshape how our world will look and feel for ALL.

Global oneness is becoming the consensus.

So how do we get there?

How do we transition from a place of pain and loss to a place of possibility and peace?

We focus upon the self.

We divert our attention to our now,  scanning ourselves and becoming astutely mindful of every thought and feeling we experience.

We familiarize ourselves with those thoughts and feelings that we want and those that we do not want and we begin to feed and fuel the former.

We choose US.

You choose YOU.

To catalyze mass impact , the focus should be upon micro- effort.

If every individual became consciously aware of who they are, what they want and then worked their way towards aligning to this, the ripple effects would be phenomenal.

Let’s explore the mechanics of this.

Both science, through its discoveries in the context of quantum physics and spirituality in its’ explanations that everything is connected and is ‘one’ , the fundamental that ‘everything is energy’ can be both comprehended and accepted.

Every single thought you have is ‘energy’, every single feeling you experience is ‘energy’ and every single action you take is ‘energy’. Some also refer to this as the universal ‘law of attraction’.

Without even accepting the myth that on average we think around 70,000 thoughts a day (which could be true for all we know) the number of thoughts we have each day is in the thousands and will be much higher for those who are ‘active’ thinkers and contemplators.

We have and continue to learn that the state of our physical bodies have a direct correlation and impact on the type of thoughts we create which in turn reflect on the emotions and feelings that we experience and share with the world around us.

Just in understanding and digesting the above, the biggest question you need to ask yourself is do I want my energy to be POSITIVE or NEGATIVE? Do I want my day to be positive or negative? Do I want my life to be positive or negative?

Remember the point we made about self-scanning ourselves?

Once you have taken a moment to reflect and think about this and decide upon what type of energy vibration or ‘vibe’ you wish to both share and receive from the universe , the next fundamental questions you want to be asking yourself are ‘ What vibration am I currently giving out?’ and ‘How do I change my vibration?’

I am not going to say whether this is simple or easy, that will depend upon you, as for some restoring faith and belief in oneself may be a slower and more challenging process than for others, but I can assure everyone, that it all starts with YOU saying ‘YES to YOURSELF!’

The moment , you decide and accept that YOU are deserving and worthy of everything and anything, and that YOU have the power and ability to create the life that you believe you deserve to have, a spark of hope will ignite within you.

You will have already began to shift your vibration, and slowly but surely , as this self-awareness increases, and with conscious effort and alignment in growing that spark of hope, each and every day, into a constant flame of belief in yourself, your thoughts will evolve and so will your momentum, generating an unstoppable force of positive creative energy.

As you begin to familiarise yourself with this positive vibration or sense of ‘feeling good’ , begin then to identify tasks and activities that fuel and feed this new found mindset supporting you to sustain this newly found elevated momentum.

As with any muscle, the more you work it and stretch it, the stronger it becomes. The more time you allocate to YOU and giving attention to your personal vibration the more familiar you will become with such feelings , enabling you to create an entirely new emotional default system within yourself.

Limiting and negative beliefs and thoughts patterns will be diluted and eventually melt away, making space for more creative flow and innovation resulting in powerful inspired action.

You will begin to realise that you truly are a POWERFUL CREATOR and FORCE FOR CHANGE.

As Gandhi ji affirmed ‘Be the Change’ and the rest will take care of itself.

Global peace, harmony , wellness and oneness are ALL an individual and internal affair

Written for the Global Indian Series by Omita Gaikwad
Holistic Transformation Coach


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