From the biggest country in the world to the smallest country in the world, Europe is a kaleidoscope of adventure with skiing, caving, blue seas, great food, wines, castles and palaces, phenomenal nightlife, art, historical sites and…Indians!

Europe has huge pockets of people of Indian descent in nearly all 44 countries: almost 2 million in fact! Of all, the United Kingdom has the highest population, followed by Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, France, Spain and Russia. There are also significant populations in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland and Ukraine.

The relationship between Europe and India is a very long one, but due in large part because India was under British colonial rule and a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. The earliest accurate records of Indians arriving was in the UK in the 18th and 19th century when the East India Company hired many Indians to serve as crew members. The first large influx of Indian immigrants arrived at the end of World War II and the breakup of the British Empire. The 1950s and 1960s saw a number of Indian immigrants from very diverse backgrounds arrive into Europe and soon began moving into Central and Western Europe to make their name and fortune in a number of vocations.

Join us as we discover, celebrate and learn more about who we have become. Our Global Indian Europe journey has begun.


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Dr Mohan Kaul joins the Global Indian Ambassadors

Press Release: On behalf of the Global Indian, it is a pleasure to announce the joining of Dr Mohan Kaul to our Global Indian Ambassadors program. Dr Kaul brings over 30 years dedicated international experience.  From setting up the Commonwealth Business Council through to hosting over 50 high-level initiatives and forums involving heads of government, […]



by Blandine Martin for the Global Indian Personally, when asked what Art means to me especially in a Global Indian context, I must confess as a practicing contemporary artist, I do struggle on how to answer the question in a way that would give justice to my truth.  Art to me is not just a […]


A plunge of the heartstrings

I was asked recently in an interview why I set up the Global Indian Series and what it means to my personal experience. It was both thought-provoking as well as illuminating to myself to actively deep-dive into my 58 country journeys so far and more than a decade long of experience of making friendships in […]


Dreams and Immigration Guilt

Many of the global indian diaspora is dispersed through immigration. We are everywhere! Our parents and grandparents often tell stories of how they arrived in the country with nothing but a few pounds and a dream. We often laugh at this exaggerated statement but when we stop and realise the sacrifices they made, we are […]


The cultural experience of loneliness – why South Asians need to take heed during the Coronavirus pandemic

Loneliness is an worldwide public health matter. This means many people across the globe have felt a lack of social connectedness for years. South Asian mental health is a concern for many health and social care services in countries across the world. Key factors here are stigma preventing help-seeking behaviours in brown people, isolated elderly […]


Our journey in 2020 with Rajan Nazran

A special thank you to our growing Global Indian Family. In a year when identity politics divided nations, we stood together. In solidarity for something far greater.In a year where we were forced to stay apart, we connected the globe.In a year that, the mainstream media chose virtue signaling. We decided on the power of […]


In the era of Covid have we lost our minds?

In this world where a pandemic is not discriminating who it attacks, we have for centuries been living with a pandemic that has touched every single person in the world in every era and has never been given the respect and healing it deserves. This is the pandemic that is mental health illness. Everyone of […]


Brainless beliefs and facts of reality – can we live in a world where both can co-exist, please?

Divya Nazran takes a second look at social constructs within the South Asian community, and provides a challenging view on beliefs v reality


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In today’s podcast, Rajan travels to Pakistan to meet with Mahtab Akbar Rashdi, a Pakistani politician, actress and campaigner for human rights, who has become a role model for the women of Pakistan, especially Sindh.
Mahtab shares her remar…

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