This season The Global Indian and CNN 18 have partnered to produce a world exclusive. Behind the Flag series is a fascinating look at the leading destinations. It will follow world explorer Rajan Nazran as he voyages across the planet to discover the meaning of national identity and the true stories that re-define a nation and challenges the status quo. With laughter, candid conversations, direct access to people in-the-know and celebrated minds, this will be an authentic mooring ground for ground-breaking conversations that go beyond sensational headlines and will challenge many misconceptions.

With writers from the likes of the BBC, and the minds and brands behind "Bend it like Beckham", "Anthony Bourdain’s Explore Parts Unknown" this is a docuseries like no other.



what is included: 21 min episode covering the country

official country microsite on the Global Indian Series

exclusive podcast journey episode providing mass exposure across all major platforms

we have 5 planned episodes each brining to life key conversations with direct access to leading figures who will reshape your understanding of the stories that define a nation.

About Rajan Nazran

“Rajan is irreverent, culturally curious, never condescending and exceptionally approachable. If you listen to his Podcasts, you can’t help but be transported into intimate authentic conversations that go beyond the ordinary. He has the extraordinary ability to put people at ease, regardless of the stature of his guests.  They all open to him and, in doing so, often reveal more about their unique experiences and countries than a traditional reporter could ever hope to document.”

Far from the conversional, Rajan Nazran made his career through his fearless travels and poetic use of words. His restless spirit has seen him cover over 58 countries and spurred him to take on the bigger discussions that mainstream media often shy away from.  His work has been viewed by millions across the globe in over 48 countries, with large media houses carrying his first-person journals as he traverses across regions plunging audiences into the astonishing accounts of the human experiences and provides a deeper look behind countries, communities and economies.

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