South Africa Sends Strong Message on Law and Order —SHUTDOWN - WHAT SHUTDOWN?

Julius Malema might have won the battle of words - to an extent, but he certainly lost the battle of action

Business day is done in South Africa on 20 March 2023 - like the "New Dawn", the new "Freedom Day" as declared by the cantankerous Julius Malema was nothing but an airbag bursting prematurely, releasing rhetoric of no worth.

Malema believed he could hold this country to ransom simply on egotistical political bravado - he was so wrong - he was so very, very wrong.

South Africa and South Africans did not capitulate - they showed that this is a country of people that will not tolerate apprehensions of anarchy by a rambling politician who feels elevated by his own oxygen.

Admittedly, many were on tenterhooks, anticipating some kind of mayhem and chaos - but all Malema got was a damp squib laced with a bit of pepper here and there.

Did Malema really believe that Cyril Ramaphosa would wake up on 21 March 2023 and hang up his presidential cloak or that an official at the beleaguered Eskom, will prance into the power utility and press a switch and the country will be electrified for all eternity?

The call for an apparent shutdown by Malema and his cohorts must be understood in the context in which such a call was made - schools were on official holiday - many employees would have taken the day off to extend a long weekend, so effectively South Africa would have been "deserted" in many ways.

Strategic as it was, Malema and his advisors knew full well that nothing was going to be achieved except political mileage amongst those who can see no further than their nose, a few rubber bullets that inflicted wounds that resulted in a colour-coded body outflow of blood - and pain.

South Africa has many problems requiring fixing - that is unquestionable, but for a party that ironically boasts a name of "Economic Freedom Fighters" and who engage in acts that actually causes economic hardship, one has to question the motive.

Malema boasted during the day that he spent a million rand to hire buses to ferry his merrymen and women to the points of chaos - imagine the economic freedom that such money could have brought to people suffering the ills of poverty, let alone the millions spent by his party to feed the voracious champions of economic freedom!

Today showed that South Africans are bigger than any political party's whims and fancies - that communities will stand up where necessary, that law enforcement can and will act in the interest of the people and that law and order will be our salvation.

Of course, some of his sycophants may try to extend their action to salvage some redemption for the day, but I am confident that the people and the law will stand the test of time - come what may.

Someone needs to remind Julius Malema and his cronies that 27 April is Freedom Day in South Africa and his misguided declaration to the contrary was nothing more than a fanciful pipedream that went horribly wrong. - with egg on his face, tired limbs to his bag carriers and victory for the people of our beautiful country.

Viva South Africa Viva!


Narendh Ganesh

Global Indian South Africa Correspondent


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