The President : Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa

The Republic of South Africa



You will be soon required, as the president, to deliver your “STATE OF THE NATION ADDRESS” – an address that is meant to inspire and motivate the country to do better, to live better and to achieve better.

This event, in my candid opinion, is truly a waste of valuable money and resources, as I believe it is merely a box-ticking event simply to exacerbate the pageantry of a parliamentary process.

But, unfortunately, it will be a process that will go on nonetheless.

I have found that our State of the Nation Address, oftentimes, is very much akin to a “bait-and-switch” event, where the president tries to entice the nation into selling a product to them which he does not have the capacity to do.

You will recall your address that was dubbed “The New Dawn” – it was inspiring, visionary and indeed hopeful, but if we look at our recent history, in so many ways, the “New Dawn” was actually an alternative reality which we were never going to accomplish.

South Africa has endured much over the last few years – a declining economy, increased unemployment, a corrupt bureaucracy, an almost unfettered rise in criminal activity, racial tension and like the rest of the world – an unprecedented pandemic of our generation – and many other ills that continuously darkens the horizon.

As the president, and the allegiance to your oath of office, you are encumbered both by conscience and obligation to serve all the people of this country to the best of your ability, without yielding to the manacles of party politics.

This means that your responsibility to the nation increases exponentially and your fidelity to the constitution must be unwavering even against those who may appear to be your allies or friends but who seek agendas beyond that of patriotic service and loyalty to the country.

The sad reality of South Africa is that we have yet to unearth a public representative who truly puts country before party, who will defy the norms in lieu of the interests of all the people, who will cede personal agendas and aspirations so that everyone benefits and not just a select few.

The challenges that awaits you in 2022 will be many – and once again, you will be tested, in omnibus, to deliver to this country the kind of stewardship that is so desperately yearned for.

The rumblings have already begun and unless you become decisive and brazen in your leadership, I am afraid, we will have to expect much of the same old as the year progresses.

Your legacy will be strangled persistently if you do not act with bold intransigence in the manner you handle the hazards that we have already been alerted to in 2021.

It is again with hope but reservation that I wish that when you address the country soon, that you will do so with the verve of a man possessed in one ambition – to make South Africa a country of one people, one nation and one vision.

As Abraham Lincoln once famously observed, “If you hold the power, you bear the responsibility” – it is a truism that is very apt under the circumstances.

Good Luck and May God Bless the people of South Africa


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