HRH Manvendra Singh Gohil

HRH Manvendra Singh Gohil

HRH Ambassador Manvendra Singh Gohil

Crown Prince of erstwhile princely Rajpipla State

Occupation: Engaged in Vermiculture (Earthworm farming) at Rajpipla, Gujarat
Conducted workshops for farmers of Narmada and Bharuch Dist for creating awareness on organic farming through Vermiculture
Successful in treating industrial effluent water and waste water by vermicasting in ETP Plants of Birla Cellulosic, Kosamba, ETP at Panoli, Padra, Alembic

Background in Music

Started playing harmonium at the age of 5 years after receiving this instrument as a birthday gift.
Done a Diploma in Indian Classical Music (Vocal) at the age of 13 years from Sangeet Mahabharti, Mumbai started by Pt. Nikhil Ghosh
Learnt harmonium from Rupayatan Music classes, Mumbai started by Pt. Manekbua Thakoredas.
Learnt Tabla from Shri Bhupen Bhai Vaidya, Rajpipla.
Being Trained in Solo Harmonium by world renowned harmonium player, Pt. Purshottam Walavalkar, Mumbai since the last 12 years.

Given Public performances as a solo harmonium player at :
Music Festivals at Rajpipla, Vadodara and Vansda,
Yoga Institute, Mumbai,
Ganesh and Janmashtami Festivals at Mumbai and Rajpipla,
Gay Choir at Brighton (U.K.)
Guild Hall, Hamptons (USA)
Participated at various Music festivals, concerts at Kolkata, Goa, Pune, Belgaum , Kolhapur , Mumbai, Vapi, Valsad, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Delhi , etc.

Promoting Indian Classical Art & Culture in form of Vocal music, instrumental, dance and fine arts by organizing Annual Music Festivals to create  a platform for upcoming talented artists to exhibit their skill and inspire others in order to revive our fading culture.Published a book cum CD called “Swaradarshan” ( in English, Marathi and Gujarati) based on the experiences of his Guruji, Pt. Purshottam Walavalkar as a veteran musician and harmonium player.

Present Status:

  1. Chairperson and Co-founder of Lakshya Trust, the 1storganization in Gujarat to work on HIV prevention amongst MSM (Men having sex with Men) and Transgender populations. (
  2.  Founder member and former Western India representative of INFOSEM (Integrated Network for Sexual Minorities), the largest Indian network of NGOs working on HIV/AIDS issues for sexual minorities in India
  3.  Founder member and Former Community Sector Representative of India sub region for MSMs of APCOM from 2006 to 2010 (Asia Pacific Coalition on Male Sexual Health)
  4.   Ambassador Consultant (India) to AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the world’s  oldest and largest organisation based out of LA, USA working on HIV/AIDS testing and treatment.
  5. Global Indian Ambasador


First member of a royal family to openly come out as gay in media in March 2006 which sent shock waves all over the world. Interviews appeared in all major newspapers/ TV/Radio channels all over the world.
Won the prestigious UNAIDS Civil Societies Award 2006 on behalf of Lakshya Trust for outstanding contribution towards HIV prevention amongst MSM population.
Won the distinguished 2010 Global Citizenship Award for Leadership in Helping Humanity by Orphans International Worldwide in New York on 28th Feb 2010

3rd Indian to be invited by Oprah Winfrey to Chicago for the show “Gays around the World” in November 2007 and the only Indian to be invited for the 2nd time for her farewell season in Jan 2011.

1st Asian to be one of the opening speakers in Euro Pride held in Stockholm in July 2008 and to lead the world’s largest gay parade at Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2009.

Invited as Guest Speaker for Baroda Management Association, Done 13 TedX Conference in India, Rotary Clubs of Ahmedabad Metro, Vadodara, Mumbai

The only Indian Prince selected to do a documentary film for the BBC called “Undercover Prince” released in Feb 2009.

Been part of several documentary films on Homosexuality and HIV/AIDS like “Breaking Free” and “Bolo Project” in India, “I AM” in Canada, “Sex du la Monde” in France. Currently a documentary film is being made in USA.

Travelled extensively to give lectures and create awareness on homosexuality and HIV/AIDS to countries around the world like USA, Sweden, Brazil, UK, Holland, France, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Sri Lanka, Hongkong, etc.

Invited by Iowa Safe schools as a keynote speaker to address issues on anti bullying and discrimination amongst students specially on LGBT issues.
Invited to lead and participate in various international pride marches like São Paulo, LA, San Francisco, Mauritius, Stockholm, New York

Invited as a Speaker for a TEDx Conference by Lund University, Sweden
Won the Global Advocacy Award by Oklahomans Equality, Tulsa in April 2014
Won the Humanitarian Voice Award by Gay Men Chorus of LA, Los Angeles in May 2014
Launched “Free Gay India” campaign in USA in August 2014
Interviewed by Oprah Winfrey Network  in Sep 2014 in USA for the show called “Where are they Now?”
Won Suryadatta Foundation National Award at Pune in the field of social work in Feb 2016
Appeared on the show "Keeping up with the Kardashians" in June 2017
Won the rainbow warriors award by KASHISH international lesbian and gay film festival in 2017.
Invited as the keynote inaugural speaker for Human Rights Conference in New York in June 2019 as part of World Pride Celebration
Appointed by Government of Gujarat, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare as a member of the Steering Committee to advise Government on Issues of HIV AIDS related to the LGBT community.
Developed a module certified course for the first time in India exclusively on LGBT issues for a Law University in Gujarat State.

Owner of a private label (registered trade mark) called Hanumanteshwar 1927 for fashion for a cause
Currently developing India's first resource centre for LGBTQA Community at the royal establishment of Hanumanteshwar in Gujarat

Appointed as Radio Host by Red FM for podcast called LGBT Kyun : All questions answered

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