Ambassador Grattan Puxon

Ambassador Grattan Puxon

With sixty years behind him as an activist in the global Romani movement, Grattan Puxon

continues to advocate for the collective rights of the Roma Nation. Scattered and diverse, Roma

have a presence in a diaspora that stretches over four continents. Puxon has been involved

in the politics of this emerging nation since 1962; in 1966 he founded the Gypsy Council

in Britain, 1971 organised with the others the 1st Word Romani Congress in London,

which adopted the Romani nation flag embossed with a red ashok chakra, signalling a link with

India, the ancient homeland. He was elected general-secretary.

He is the co-author of the first stand work on the Nazi genocide against the Romani people [Heinemann 1972] and a novel entitled Freeborn Traveller, and many pamphlets and articles. More

recently, Puxon has chaired the Democratic Transition a project that provides an electronic voting system for Roma throughout the Diaspora. The 50-year Jubilee of the first Congress was reached last year and was marked by the holding of the online Jubilee Congress, hosted from Berlin.

Born in England, Puxon has lived in Macedonia, Serbia, Greece and the United States.


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