I for one have noted with great disdain on how some people due to ignorance and lack of knowledge are going astray to the extent of becoming paupers and enemies of progress.

The majority of Malawians need a total mindset overhaul.  We are used to average levity, poverty-infused development, and living below the poverty line and they take that as a normal norm. The hatred some People have towards Indians is misplaced and unnecessary. Most of our people are not well informed and connected to our historical facts.

All of us we are aware that Indians(Amwenye) established themselves in Malawi,many thousands years ago(16th Century). The first settler been Adam Osman. The first mayor,speaker,businessman,pilot or first shop in blantyre or the set up of Lilongwe City were all Indians or set up by Indians.

For your own information. The Independence we are enjoying and annually celebrating now. The man who wrote the legal frame work at Lancaster house was late Counsel Sacranie. Sacranie was the President of a national party called "Asian Nyasaland Party" which was dissolved and all members joined the now Malawi Congress Party and it is out of this arrangement that helped Late Ngwazi to have more elected  mps and a good support from the Indian Communities. And not forgetting the crucial arrangement initiated by late and first speaker Hon Ishmail Surtee who advised and encouraged  Ngwazi to take Mama Cecilia as the Official Government Hostess.

Did you know? The first MCP Headquarters in Blantyre,the building at the Clock tower was donated by the Kotecha family of Hisco group of Companies. This family played a silent crucial role of funding MCP amidst the supreme powers of Europeans.

I have so many historical events pioneered by Indians in Malawi. Peruse this page I have shared that in the past in my numerous articles.

We can not or should not pretend to arrogantly ignore these absolute facts.  Currently we have 4th and 5th generations of Indians.

May you not be mistaken with the recent influx  of economic explorers of color e.g Pakistans,Bangladesh,Lebanese and others who seem to belong to the Indian Communities.

My fellow countrymen these are not the Indians am talking about. Am confidently highlighting the ilks of Indians who were born,raised and educated in Malawi. Those whose their great,great grandfathers came in the country thousands years ago.

Some of these Pakistans,Bangladeshi and Lebanese are just here to make quick money and launder it back to their respective  countries. Very few of them have invested in Malawi. The majority of them are the ones involved in corrupt activities,racial slanders and gross misconduct in their business premises. The relevant authorities must investigate these shady investors who are bringing the image of law abiding Indians into dispute.


Am ONLY appealing to Amwenye omwe anabadwila,kuyimba sukulu komaso kukulira ku Malawi kuno. Amene azigogo awo ndi omwe anayambitsa mabusiness osiyanasiyana. Osati amwenye omwe angobwela kumalawi kuno kuzapanga business kuti azitenga ndalama kupititsa kumayiko akwawo monga ma Bangladesh,Lebanese and Pakistans.

If we are to study the generational wealth history ratio in Malawi,we will discover that 80% of it is owned by Indians. Almost 40% of our Economy is owned by Indians. Almost 30% of prime land with multi billion investment in Real Estate is owned by Indians.  Almost every other product in our homes is manufactured by a local company owned by Indians.  

Why is it so? Simple mathematics.

Indians,to be precise the Indians that emigrated to Malawi in the 16th Century  were brilliant and hardworking  traders. These guys were born shopkeepers. In their DNA is all about business ventures and investments. We can not take that away from them. Their forefathers entrusted and imparted the trading skills to their children who transfered the mantle to this generation in our midst.

It's not all about corruption.  No indian works at government institutions.  So how?

Be it in Black Communities corruption exists and is worshiped every second.

Corruption sees no age or race or gender or social status or religious or cultural or political ideologies.  It is just a human weakness to satisfy one's  insatiable desire or greed.

We have rotten tomatoes in all communities. Bad eggs are everywhere in all families.

Indians have created wealth that is beyond centuries. A lasting and long legacy to write home about.

Therefore! Am urging the leaders of Asian Communities to set up an INVESTMENT and BUSINESS INITIATIVE that will spearhead  public awareness campaigns via various public lectures,debates,motivational events countrywide with due purpose of civic educating the masses on the value and purpose of money,investments and why we need to create generational wealth.

This is an opportunity for Indians to give back to the communities by sharing their business and wealth creation knowledge.

Don't just believe in yourselves and stay within. Please come out.


It is not a castle in the sky that Indians are among the biggest financiers of various political activities/parties and many of them are friends with our politicians. And it can also be concluded that if Tonse Alliance never had the finacial privilege afforded to them during the campaign period by some Indians.  They couldn't have made it and today DPP could have still be ruling us.

This is a bitter pill but it is an absolute fact written objectively,a sober mind will understand my point.

Sadly! It appears politicians only loves taking and receiving help from Indians for their own aggrandizement.  Once voted into power they negligently sideline and distance themselves from Indians and turn around to make them appear as OUTLAWS AND NOT MALAWIANS worthy of a seat at the table.

Why is it;

We don't  have any Indian as a cabinet/deputy minister(Mia,gaffer and Daud are not typical Indians)?

We don't have any Indian  presidential advisor?

We don't have any Indian working at the office of the President and Cabinet?

We don't have any Indian board member or chairman?

We don't  have any Indian High Commissioner or Ambassador? Imagine not  even in India.

We don't have any Indian chairing any public business or investment institutions?


How is this fair and just Mr President?

Are Indians not Malawians?

Even if we are to look at Charitable Activities in Malawi.  It's only Indians who are involved in Multi-billion relief projects.

May you please re-consider and review this traditional act established by past regimes.Aimed at sidelining the Indian Communities. It is inhumane and ungodly.

We need all bona fide citizens to get involved in all areas,offices and positions of influence in helping you to achieve your development agenda. All hands on board.

You are our President plus a man of God. I trust the Holy Spirit will help you to discern and completely assimilate my point.

Thank you very much for your time.

These are my observations and i stand by them.

By Yamikani Nicholas Kachingwe - Global Indian Correspondent

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