“India’s Decision to Abstain from the UN vote on Russia was craven” Discuss


“India’s Decision to Abstain from the UN vote on Russia was craven” Discuss

Today, with your leave, we are going to try something a bit different on The Global Indian Series: a debate. Our motion is as follows: ‘This House believes that India’s decision to abstain from U.N. vote against Russia was craven” https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=Ibdia+abstain+UN+ In the interests of fairness, we shall put forward both sides of the argument, […]


A Pretty Pass for Priti Patel: Is the The National and Borders bill Dead in the Water?

Let joy be unconfined. Wiser counsels have prevailed. This week the Lords have voted down four controversial clauses in the Nationality and Borders Bill by a majority of 78. The Lords Temporal rejected all four, including Clause 9, as indeed did Baroness Warsi, who was the first Muslim woman to serve in the Cabinet. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/feb/28/lords-reject-clause-in-bill-criminalising-refugees-who-arrive-by-irregular-route […]


Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came

Vladimir Putin: A Russian Tyrant and a Demagogue who must be punished I am inherently opposed to war between countries in any form. Yet, every so often we get reminded of Wilfred Owen’s poem, The Futility of War”, like we are being reminded at this moment in history. Being a closet polemologist, it was depressing […]


There is no such thing as the Indian Diaspora

When on February 16th India Diaspora announced with great fanfare that n0 fewer than 200 people of Indian origin occupy positions of leadership and 60 are cabinet ministers around the world, we at The Global Indian weren’t surprised in the least. https://lists.indiaspora.org/governmentLeaders/2021 At 18 million, India’s diaspora is the largest in the world. It stands […]


20 000 Indian Students Stranded in Ukraine: Why won’t Modi condemn Putin?

War may be imminent in the Ukraine. Both Washington and London are warning that Putin plans too invade in a matter of hours. Today came news that he has dispatched troops to the two breakaway regions in Eastern Ukraine which he formally recognised on February 21st. Neither sanctions nor international condemnation will deter Putin.   […]


What really lies behind the Hijab ban in Karnataka?

Today, The Global Indian Series asks: what really lies behind the Hijab ban in Karnataka? On February 5th, the southern state government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) banned clothes that “disturb equality, integrity and public order”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rnOlEsNc2c This in effect meant a ban on the hijab. The whole affair raises many […]


Exposed: Thousands of innocent people thrown out of the UK for cheating in English Language Tests

According to a BBC investigation, the Home Office has been trying to kick out people for cheating based upon the findings of a testing organisation (ETS), despite evidence that its date is profoundly flawed. The figures make for shocking reading. Some 2, 500 people were deported and a conservative estimate of 7, 200 were shown […]


The Long Road To Justice for India’s Transgender Women

When Rajan Nazran (explorer-in-chief and founder of The Global Indian Series) travelled to India to interview activist and actor, Rudrani Chhetri, two things struck him in particular: first, her sheer bravery in living as a woman in a society in which you are considered a pariah and second her tireless efforts to seek acceptance in […]

"Coolie" and the reason it needs to stop">

“It’s never been cool for you to call me coolie” – Indo-Jamaican Melissa Dean

Melissa Dean is an Indo-Jamaican Masters student at Queens University in Canada. Her cultural background as well as her passion for advocacy and equity issues drives her to express her interests through spoken-word poetry. “I am Indo-Jamaican” is the first public performance of her poetry. Her great grandmother was born on a ship carrying indentured […]

Indianness, Global Indian resolution">

New Year’s Resolutions- The Global Indian Series’ Style

It’s that time of year again! A new year, a new start, and chance to be the best you can be. That goes for us at The Global Indian Series. So here’s Our Pledge to you for 2022 We will promise to plunge into the human experience, cover the stories that matter to you and […]

Professor Lal dies in exile">

Indo-Fijian Scholar Dies in Exile

It is tragic that one of our most acclaimed scholars should die in exile, declared persona non grata by the Bainimarama Government, says Fiji Labour Party leader and former prime minister Mahendra Chaudhry. He made the comment in a statement issued yesterday in the wake of news of Prof Brij Vilash Lal’s death in Brisbane, […]


Miss Universe: The Planet and our Borders

When the 21-year-old Harnaaz Sandhu from the Punjab was crowned Miss Universe, India rejoiced. And why not? When she did her cat impression, they laughed. When she said: “Never compromise on your hobby because that could lead to your dream career” they nodded sagely. There she was with her sash emblazoned with ‘Miss India’ -a […]

Niala Amin discusses child marriage on the Global Indian Series">

Naila Amin: Naila Amin, a Child Marriage Survivor

Child Bride: Naila Amin At just 15, Naila Amin was a just a schoolgirl. Yet she had already been engaged for eight years to a man 13 years her senior. What is more, she had taken part in two Islamic religious marriage ceremonies, both against her will. Engaged at 8. Married at 15   In […]

Naila Amin - Changing perceptions around child marriage">

Child Marriage: The Awful Truth

Child marriage murders innocence. To be married as a child effectively brings childhood to an end. And it robs a girl of the education to which she should be entitled, it forces her to deal with the trials of adulthood before she is ready and breaks most of her human rights. In short, the scourge […]

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Why your kids won’t listen to you unless you yell?

The question we are answering today. Get answer to this most pressing issue in your parenting journey. This issue needs to be looked at from a scientific lens to understand from where does it root and what is the solution that can be used by parents.  Points covered in this episode: Why do kids misbehave […]

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