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In today’s podcast, Rajan travels to Kenya to speak to one of Africa’s leading entrepreneurs and philanthropists, Vimal Shah Chairman of Bidco Africa who speaks to us about Kenyanness, the perception some have on his country and the deep misconceptions that need to change. From a deep dive into his own personal voyage through to his advice to immigrants and what they need to do to feel a real sense of belonging, Vimal Shah provides an extraordinary glimpse that looks at business, individuality and the legacy of change.

His father Bhimji Depar Shah, witnessed first-hand the devastating impact of the freedom struggle in the mau mau uprising amongst the common people. Being a custodian to the land of his birth Kenya, he decided to help change the fabric of the country through entrepreneurship. The seeds of struggle that were created from there helped shape the mindset of Vimal and his brother.

Vimal was born in 1960 Nyeri Kenya, and after hearing the stories from his father and witnessing his work ethic, his ambitious journey and dedication to giving back to the community began.

He attended the United States International University, Nairobi Campus, after graduating with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Finance.  From humble beginnings, he along with his father and brother set up Bidco Africa which has now become one of the largest companies of its kind across the region. Supporting local communities through employment in addition to inspiring entrepreneurship.

A believer in the power of intuition, a true Kenyan at heart and passionate about his country, this podcast is a change from the norm and an ode to knowing who exactly you are, where you come from and being a role model to the masses.  Indianness is merely a narrative.  A special thank you to Vimal Shah for joining us today.

What are your thoughts on Vimal’s advice, and how have you created a sense of belonging in the country you now call home?  Share your comments below.

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Presenter – Rajan Nazran

Producer –Global Indian Series/NazranRoth

Guest – Vimal Shah

Art Design – Vanisha Patel

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