In a conversation with CEO MIIP:  Jonathan Cardona
Malta is one of the fastest-growing and importantly, one of the most stable European economies, presenting virtually zero unemployment, business growth and lifestyle opportunities that many, from afar, strive and dream to achieve.  One might ask, what’s the trick.  How come this little-known tiny island in Europe travelled so far and so fast? The answer is easy but carries different, complex facets.  Based on a highly endeavouring and enterprising local population with a variety of accepting cultures.

Malta opened its doors to talented individuals around the globe, presenting them with the chance to build a better and safer life for their families and be part of a  welcoming community, which they can choose to call home.  Today, Malta offers financial stability and endless business opportunities for Indian business leaders who utilise our jurisdiction for a further global presence.  The tool to open these doors proved to be a programme whereby one can, through a genuine link and a direct contribution to Malta, become a Maltese citizen through the Individual  Investor Programme of which Jonathan Cardona is the CEO.  Today, Malta’s economy is stronger through this initiative and the advantages are not limited to financial gains.  It also fits our nature as Mediterraneans and plays to the tune of our strongest assets, that is,  our true Maltese spirit of innovation, hospitality,  multiculturalism and pluralism. Albeit being a fairly nascent entrant to the citizenship by investment sector, in just over 4 years Malta has nurtured what is considered to be one of the leading investment migration  pro- grammes globally.

We ventured into this market driven by the prospect that Malta can enrich its human capital and attract market leaders who can provide added value by sharing their business acumen and not as a quick fix to address the budget deficit. In fact, without the programme, Malta still retains a  very healthy budget  Surplus.  This put us in a  strong position to filter the applications and choose only the best candidates; those who meet all the regulatory standards. It is our duty to safeguard the interests of the country and its citizens through meticulous screening and steep, yet fair economic contribution.  The rigorous due diligence process we employ is the cornerstone of our success. Yet we need to keep advocating transparency and good governance in the way we administer the programmes.  Our value-add proposal is not oriented at whoever wants citizenship to join our global community. It is intended only to those who know that there will be thorough scrutiny, yet once the door is opened, all the advantages of being  Maltese and keeping  European values at heart.  Maintaining the integrity of economic citizenship programmes is mandatory.  Ultimately, this is what every citizen wants, what every nation wants and what every applicant of high moral standards wants.  Individuals will not feel at ease knowing that their own personal safety is compromised, or that they cannot do business in a nature that suits them. It benefits us,  but it also benefits the applicant. An application gone wrong can jeopardise the whole industry.

Much has been said about the economic gains our country has derived from the citizenship by investment programme, which is attracting an ever-growing number of hardworking families seeking freedom, stability and global mobility.  Results so far have actually been very positive with Malta’s citizenship programme becoming one part of the puzzle which makes up our economic and financial success which we are registering year on year.  The real success of the Individual  Investor Programme is far-reaching..  The Individual Investor Programme has put our island squarely on the map and has been based on the like-minded talent we have been able to attract. Malta is increasingly featuring top of mind with globetrotting investors and high net-worth individuals who are seeking more freedom to travel.  Investment migration is creating a  melting pot of business know-how,  experiences, skills and funding that are positively contributing to our society by stimulating business,  increasing job creation, increasing revenue and augmenting our human capital. This is enabling us to break new ground through innovative foreign direct investment.  Culturally, Malta is also benefitting from citizenship by investment.  Fascinated by the richness of the island’s culture and heritage, IIP  applicants feel morally obliged to contribute to this sector. There are countless stories of individuals sharing their own private art collections or making financial contributions in support of local talent.  Funds garnered from the Individual  Investor Programme are also enabling us to address social issues that have been left outstanding for generations.  The government has already announced plans to support healthcare and social housing. This is just the beginning of an interesting journey, which will see us take Malta to new heights.  Because of the Individual Investor  Programme, today our country can claim to be stronger, more diverse and more open to the world.

“Today, Malta offers financial stability and endless business opportunities for Indian business leaders who utilise our jurisdiction for further global presence” Jonathan Cardona

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