The Global Indian series expands to St Lucia and Malawi making it one of the world’s fastest-growing encyclopedias of people of Indian origin.

On behalf of our team at the Global Indian Series, it is my deep pleasure to announce the joining of H.E Hon Guy Joseph, Minister of Economic Development, Housing, Urban Renewal, Transport and Civil Aviation of St Lucia and Mr Haroon Sacranie, leading entrepreneur and philanthropist of Malawi, to our Ambassadors program.

It is a deep honour to have them join us in our mission of creating a mooring ground for our community, in addition to showcasing the values attributed to social and economic custodianship in the countries our communities now find themselves home in.  Our Global Indian Ambassadors carry the flag of human-first approach and look to support the fabric of social consciousness, whilst equally providing key insights and networks to help propel meaningful dialogue between respected countries.

On his recent appointment to the Ambassadors program H.E Hon Guy Joseph remarked:

“Many often forget the power of communities in building nations and that national friendships defined by open communication, can pave the way for deeper ties.  The Global Indian Series is a powerful platform that is a bridge for these meaningful interactions. It connects the world's largest communities in a way that seeks to define culture, identity and opportunities for growth via commonalities, friendship and retracing journeys that define generations.

The global Indian story of St Lucia is one that represents hope, positive progression, and community cohesion and as a unique community in the region, we are proud of our achievements.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mr Sacranie of Malawi in also being nominated to the Ambassadors programme and I look forward to meaningfully connecting with this vast array of leading individuals and countries who are participating and to forge friendships that enable mutual growth and deeper appreciation.

I eagerly await to welcome you all personally to our island and develop closer ties.

It is a deep pleasure and privilege to be part of this unique and much needed initiative. I offer my continued support with the Global Indian Series and look forward to serving as an Ambassador and on behalf of St Lucia to develop stronger ties with this important community.”

This was followed by a note of appreciation by recently elected Ambassador for Malawi - Mr Haroon Sacranie

“It is an honour and a great opportunity to be a part of the Global Indian Series and connecting Communities.

This massive platform covers over 58 countries, working with various personalities from so many diverse backgrounds which include Heads of State, leading Entrepreneurs, Entertainment Personalities, Sporting Legends, Spiritual Leaders and so many more.

What an incredible mission!

Connecting the Indian origin communities from so many countries and sharing their life stories and achievements, successes and their integration with the local communities.

This is a platform that enables legacies and legends to live on and enables a celebration that will inspire our future generations and reinforce our commitment to make the world a better place for all.

It is an honour and a great opportunity to be a part of the Global Indian Series as an elected Ambassador.  I would also like to congratulate H.E Hon Minister Joseph from St Lucia on his appointment and I look forward to finding ways to meaningfully interact with our network”.

Words of support have been offered by Ambassadors from around the world including, H.E Hon Dato Andy Seri of Malaysia who stated:

“The Global Indian Series has grown exceptionally well and across countries like Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines, it has avalanched into a movement of minds. I remember meeting Rajan in Kuala Lumpur where over coffee, he asked me a question that has stuck with me. “A sense of Indianess seems to matters to us, but do we matter to each other?" Although a simple question, he has proved that a shift in our global psychology was needed. 

The Global Indian Series has grown remarkably well and our Ambassadors are a testimony to the important and meaningful networks that are being created. For the first time in our joint history as the world's largest community, we are starting to speak amongst each other which lends itself to deeper understanding and an opening of opportunities for social and economic development. 

The addition of H.E Hon. Guy Joseph, Minister of Economic Development for St Lucia and Mr Haroon Sacranie, leading entrepreneur and philanthropist in Malawi, is a global step in the direction we are heading. I look forward to working closely within our team to identify means and ways in which we can forge stronger relations between Malaysia and the respected countries.

Congratulations to both for joining this prestigious movement.  I am enormously proud of the efforts taken by Rajan Nazran. Hopefully, we can all stand shoulder to shoulder together for people of Indian origin around the world.”

Mr Lawrence Narayan, global Indian Ambassador in Australia remarked:

“Having worked in the investment world globally, one realises the important and often under-utilised power of networking and building up bridges of genuine connection. 

St Lucia and Malawi respectfully are off the beaten road for many and until recently, there was no idea of how large the communities were there. With the addition of H.E Hon Guy Joseph and Mr Haroon Sacranie joining the prestigious Ambassadors programme, it now lends itself to building a genuine road map for further discussions and I look forward to seeing how we can create stronger networks between Australia, our communities and sectors. 

I would like to congratulate both Mr Sacranie and Hon Mr Joseph for their nominations and l look forward to meeting them in due course.”

H.E Hon Guy Joseph was nominated by the Global Indian Ambassadors for his work in social and economic development for St Lucia. Having dedicated himself in the world of politics, he has used his platform to enhance the image of the nation and more so, to enable meaningful development of all communities without fear or favour.

Mr Haroon Ahmed Sacranie was nominated by the Global Indian Ambassadors for his work towards economic and social empowerment for Malawi, Mr Sacranie has over the years provided dedicated support through the Rotary Club in supporting entrepreneurship in the region and providing educational support for the most vulnerable of society.

Hon H.E Guy Joseph and Mr Haroon Ahmed Sacranie join our team of global leaders which include:

H.E. Hon President Donald Ramotar (Guyana) (Caribbean)

Lord Rami Ranger CBE- FRSA (Europe)

H.E Hon Jonel Powel (St Kitts and Nevis)

Hon. Chitra Stern Nee Rathinasabapathy (Portugal)

H.E Dato Seri Andy ( Malaysia)

Dr Mohan Kaul | Europe (

Dr Megha Wadhwa (Japan)

Rajesh Gopie (South Africa)

Lawrence Narayan (Australia)

Chef Neeraj Tyagi (India)

Sai Shankar Reddy Bokka (Latvia)

Anisa Singh (Guyana / USA)

Aparna Soni (Uruguay)

Each candidate undergoes a stringent selection criterion and must receive 2 nominations from within the Ambassador committee. It is by invite only.

About our Global Indian Ambassadors

Our Global Indian Ambassadors are active leaders in social custodianship, representing the fields of politics, business, entertainment, academia, activism and beyond. They demonstrate integrity in their professions and serve as positive role models through their work.

Our Ambassadors have played a critical role in raising awareness of community building and have continued to use their talent and platform to advocate, educate and fundraise on behalf of the Global Indian Series for a range of activities, including philanthropy.

Our core ethos is to unite in the human experience of us and provide a safe mooring ground for open discussions.  Together our Global Indian Ambassadors have proven that regardless of nationality, perceived status or religion, we can all be a powerful tool in mobilising the support needed in creating environments that thrive on passion, purpose and togetherness.

The role of our Ambassadors is to assist in spreading our work and to provide a bridge that connects economy, politics and society together and serve as a tool in enhancing a true sense of community for people of Indian origin and beyond.

Did you know?  Our first Global Indian Ambassador was H.E President Donald Ramotar (Guyana). It is on the foundations of his work towards community cohesion that the Ambassador scheme was developed.

The Global Indian Series is a safe mooring ground for open conversations that plunge into the human experience of being a person of Indian origin from across the globe.


Support change: A little favour to ask-We believe true freedom is to be able to act without fear or favour and that identity is not a “brand” to be abused, politicized, or reduced for personal gain. As Global Indians, the need to work together is greater now than ever before.  If we want to see real change, we need to create a better society for all, tackle injustice and plunge into the many aspects of what the human experience truly offers.The Global Indian Series has been built to be a platform of integrity, fairness and to remain fiercely independent of political influence. We are the first in the world to connect with every echelon of society with all human voices being treated equally.  We are the first to have travelled physically to locations far and wide, often putting our own lives on the line to bring forward stories that deserve to be told.  Whether it’s through our Podcast that delves into the human experience behind identity, our articles and features that cover key events we need to know, or live based events that tackle topical discussions, we have been there to support a better community and planet.Despite the high costs and time needed to maintain our work, we continue, because we know our work has helped more people understand what is happening within the communities across our planet, why it matters, and how, together, we can demand progress.  We challenge head-on, the silent divisions that have crept into our collective consciousness and how to tackle key issues that often go neglected in mainstream media.How you can help:Please share our work: By collaborating with others who share our values, our combined voices make change, with many more becoming inspired to take meaningful action.Subscribe to the platform:Many from across our community have decided to subscribe to our platform. It helps us grow which in turns attracts like-minded supporters. If you have not already, we would appreciate you subscribing to our newsletters and following our social media accounts. It is free and supports our journey.


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