Discovering the fountain of youth in St Lucia

For the person who wants the most out of life, whose calendar reads more like a novel than a schedule, whose body feels more like a rusty tava than a temple, The Body Holiday is the closest thing to the fountain of youth you will ever encounter. Andrew Barnard and his family legacy resort take health and wellness travel to a whole new level, the epicenter, the mecca for all things good for you. The furthest thing from fat camp and not even close to a “roll your eyes and make your partner happy’ kind of wellness retreat. BodyHoliday Saint Lucia takes the ultimate destination, adds in 5-star restaurants, includes every style of workout, adventure, spa treatment, and therapy you could imagine, and then backs it all by science. I admit I was a kid in an Indian sweet shop, without the fear of diabetes.

In a perfect life, we would look like the cast of 300 perform like the Punjab Kings XI (on a good day), live on the beach, have a daily spa treatment, and an expert providing us with a specialized diet on demand. Evidently BodyHoliday received this memo and made it a reality. “We understand what kind of person you are and your objectives. Next, we customize the experience for you,” said Andrew, Deputy Manager of Sunswept Resorts.

The luxury wellness vacation begins down the rabbit hole of health before you arrive. Your goals, history, and desires are all taken into consideration and you are given a plan to suit you specifically. The plan can be as simple and as surface as enjoying spectacular food, a few workouts, laying on the beach and sipping kambucha. Alternatively, the plan can go as deep as genetic testing, Ayurvedic treatments, rehabilitation from surgery or cancer, or a desired life change.

“We wanted to be part of this wellness revolution when yoga lessons were not so popular,”

Andrew acknowledged. As a result, this resort is likely to have the most advanced team of specialists, therapists, nutritionists, and trainers fully dedicated to help each guest to achieve his own goals. “Depending on the visitor, we adjust the program and schedule activities that are recommended for them specifically,” he said on these experiences that range from loss weight and holistic experience, to fitness and adventure tourism.

In 2012, the hotel carried out a 30-million-dollar investment to upgrade its facilities. The Body Holiday has 47 treatment rooms, a yoga center, and a state of the art spa. In addition to suites, villas, and an absolute luxe 4-bedroom retreat for groups or family, there are 29 rooms dedicated to those traveling alone. Though the rooms are stunning, guests will likely be out playing golf, tennis, on a coastal bike tour, riding horses or participating in watersports amongst a wealth of other activities offered. “The variety in scope of the program is broad enough to allow us to cater in a very personalized manner to each person’s requirements,” says Andrew.

People from all walks of life, in all states of health, ages, history, ability and desires are turning BodyHoliday into their revival grounds. The incredible scenic views from the property and healing energies from the local plants are enough to draw a loyal following, but the lengths the staff go at this incredible destination are paramount to the results the guests feel. Programs can begin and end after a week, continue for months or years, or be the jumping point for an entire life shift.

In addition to the regular staff at the resort, Olympic athletes from around the world integrate with guests as coaches, participants, or like me, a slightly unfair game of beach volleyball.

Travelers will not only have a customized plan that will suit their own needs, but their progress will be followed by some of the most recognized faces in Olympic sports. Recently, a client at BodyHoliday had cancer detected through the resort’s thorough screening and testing protocols before it was even a blip on his radar. Success stories are the norm at this Caribbean wellness retreat where balance is the ultimate goal. You can align your chakras, balance your dosha, or have warm oil pour over your third eye. If you prefer something more intense like me, you can always be yelled at to squat deeper by a man twice your size whose hands would frighten a bear. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it

Travelers will not only have a customized plan that will suit their own needs, but their progress will be followed by some of the most recognized faces in Olympic sports


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