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The Green Party Perspective - Politics,  National Identity, and Environmental Concerns with Pallavi Devulapalli

Welcome to today's podcast, where we delve into the pressing issues surrounding environmental protection and the evolving role of small state Governments in the face of climate change. As our global community grapples with the urgent need for action, exploring the practical implementation of change and the influence of national identity on our understanding of social and environmental issues becomes crucial.

Joining me today is Pallavi Devulapalli, an esteemed spokesperson for the Green Party in the United Kingdom. With her profound insights, Pallavi sheds light on the pivotal role of politics in shaping our sense of identity and, more importantly, the key concerns that demand immediate attention.

In a world where environmental challenges intensify each year, small state Governments are increasingly recognizing the direct impact of climate change on their survival. However, the question remains: How much progress is being made in implementing effective measures? Pallavi's expertise and experience provide valuable insights into the practical changes being undertaken and the roadblocks encountered in pursuing sustainable solutions.

Furthermore, we also explore the profound connection between national identity and our comprehension of global social and environmental issues.

Stay tuned as we engage in a thought-provoking conversation with Pallavi Devulapalli, delving into the transformative power of politics, the imperative need for decisive action, and the challenges we must confront head-on to secure a sustainable future for generations to come.

About Pallavi Devulapalli

Pallavi Devulapalli was born in Hyderabad, India. She grew up witnessing the transformation of her surroundings from a green environment to a more developed, concrete landscape. During her school years, she achieved remarkable academic success, earning recognition as the top scorer in the ICSE exams in her region and securing the 11th rank in the common entrance exam for medical admissions. Pallavi pursued her medical education at Osmania Medical College.

At the age of 25, she decided to relocate to the United Kingdom to earn enough money to embark on global travels and explore different cultures—a desire to escape from her familiar surroundings. Pallavi commenced her career in the National Health Service (NHS). From the onset, she demonstrated her commitment to environmental causes, becoming a steadfast supporter of Greenpeace right from her first paycheck.

In addition, she actively engaged with local environmental groups such as Transition Towns and participated in campaigns against incinerators.

While juggling the responsibilities of raising her two sons, Pallavi dedicated herself to establishing her professional identity as a General Practitioner (family medicine specialist). She is Executive Partner at a prominent multi-site practice in West Norfolk. She works as a GP Specialist in Skin Lesions.

Driven by her passion for environmental sustainability and public welfare, Pallavi joined the Green Party. In 2019, she stood as a parliamentary candidate, securing an impressive 3.2% of the vote despite limited campaigning efforts. Since last year, Pallavi has been the Green Party's spokesperson for Health, Social Care, and Public Health. Recently, she was elected as a Green councillor for the Airfield ward in the Borough Council of Kings Lynn & West Norfolk.

Beyond her political involvement, Pallavi actively contributes to various organizations and initiatives. She serves as a Trustee for CPRE Norfolk, a countryside charity dedicated to championing and preserving Britain's natural landscapes. Additionally, she played a crucial role in establishing the Shouldham Community Orchard group during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, which she chairs now. Pallavi is also an esteemed member of the local Repair Collective.

Pallavi Devulapalli's diverse roles and commitments reflect her unwavering dedication to environmental causes, public health, and community engagement.

Episode: 166

Presenter – Rajan Nazran

Producer –Global Indian Series/NazranRoth

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