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In today’s episode, Rajan travels to South Africa to speak to Jayshree, a reporter in South Africa who is living through the current riots and violence that has been engulfing the country since the jailing of former President Jacob Zuma last week.

The police are overstretched, the military is said to be “on its way”, many people have been killed including children, looting has been rife, houses have been broken into, buildings have been set on fire, shopping centres have been completely ransacked with ATMs broken into, restaurants, bottle stores and clothing shops all left in tatters, but not a word is being said about the minority of people of Indian origin that are purposely being targeted and who are bearing the brunt of this immorality. Social media tags are trending stating Indians must fall, with comments of raping Indian women.

The Indian community have been let down and left to their own devices in defending themselves; a clear indication that the minority race groups in the country are not cared for. Media coverage has been AWOL when it comes to highlighting the actual communities being selected to attack, indicative that this is quite possibly the end of the “rainbow nation”.

The description of violence and some stories that are recalled in this podcast may be upsetting to some listeners. This podcast was recorded only yesterday.

To build a better future, we need a better today. Let’s keep South Africa in our minds and raise awareness about what is happening on the ground. Please get in touch if you think there is something you can do with our help.


About Jayshree Parasuramen 

Jayshree Parasuramen is a South African award-winning radio and theater personality. Playwright, reporter, philanthropist, and Global Indian on-ground correspondent. She is the founder and host of women empowering women and founder CEO of the Adoeete foundation a NPC for the underprivileged.

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