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In a world where the battle for resources rages on and the demand for electric vehicles and minerals skyrockets, the question arises: how renewable is renewable technology? 

Join Rajan Nazran in this episode as he engages with esteemed academic and researcher Pradeep Singh. Together, they plunge into the realm of deep sea mining, unearthing the hidden truths that lie beneath the surface. 

Dive into the depths of knowledge as Pradeep sheds light on the captivating world of deep sea mining, unravelling the enigmatic regime that governs it and an enthralling case study that unveils the hidden treasures of the ocean floor, all in the pursuit of unlocking the remarkable common heritage of humankind.

He also unveils a dark truth that lurks beneath the surface. He reveals the devastating environmental implications of this destructive activity, not only for our fellow humans but also for the fragile marine flora and fauna. 

Pradeep passionately emphasises the pressing need for revolutionary clean techniques. He beckons us to embrace a paradigm shift where we extract fewer metals than we are doing now. By doing so, we can ensure the preservation of our oceans’ precious ecosystem.

Prepare to have your preconceptions challenged as they delve into how Pradeep Singh’s groundbreaking research has reshaped his very sense of identity. Moreover, they shed light on the crucial insights that small state governments must embrace to navigate this rapidly evolving landscape. 

Here’s an exhilarating conversation that will leave you questioning the very foundations of our renewable future.

About Pradeep Singh:

Pradeep Singh is a Fellow at the Research Institute for Sustainability, Helmholtz-Center Potsdam, where he researches the legal, regulatory and policy aspects of deep seabed mining. He is also the Lead of the Deep Seabed Mining Thematic Group of the IUCN’s Commission on Ecosystem Management and Deputy Chair of the World Commission on Environmental Law’s Ocean Law Specialist Group. 

Pradeep regularly advises states, IGOs and other actors on ocean governance and marine resources. He attends multilateral negotiations at the International Seabed Authority as an observer delegate. As a scholar and researcher, he has published extensively on international law, the law of the sea and environmental law. 

Pradeep’s academic qualifications include degrees from Harvard Law School, the University of Edinburgh and the University of Malaya in his home country, Malaysia.


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