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Last week the UK celebrated national unity day in Africa. With the continent being a focal point for many shrewd businesses and funds, the question begs, how much do we know about the diverse cultures and the ideas of “Africanness”? Importantly, how does regional culture play a role in economic thinking?

To guide us through the questions of identity, Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran flew to Uganda to meet with one of the leaders in Pan-African thinking, President Museveni. For many, Uganda holds a strange grip on the collective experience of understanding the dangers of identity politics in emerging markets and the associated risks.

Over 50 years ago, then-President Idi Amin created a mass exodus of the Global Indian community, with over 80,000 forced to leave their businesses, homes and positions behind in weeks. Unfortunately, those were the fortunate souls, as over 500,000 Ugandan nationals lost their lives.

In this episode, Rajan sits with H.E. President Yoweri Musevenias he guides me on the ideas that have reshaped the nation and the economics behind Pan-Africanism and national prosperity

The conversation takes an introspective turn as they reflect upon the brutal regime of Idi Amin, known as the “Butcher of Africa,” and critically examine the impact of colonial rule in Africa. President Museveni sheds light on the manipulation tactics employed by British colonial powers, who exploited the Indian immigrant community to create divisions amongst the Ugandan population. Surprisingly, he highlights the integral role of Mahatma Gandhi as a member of the African National Congress, emphasising the significant contributions made by Indians in the resistance and anti-colonial movements.

Remarkably, despite being immigrants, Indians joined the nationalist struggle, uniting with their fellow Ugandans in the fight against colonialism. President Museveni’s compassionate embrace of refugees and efforts to foster unity among diverse communities deserve applause. He unveils his unique perspective on Ugandanness, characterised by three layers: the indigenous tribes, African migrants, indentured workers, and foreign investors who contribute to the rich tapestry of Ugandan culture. According to him, identity should not hinder the absorption and enrichment of diverse cultures.

Transitioning to a broader scope, President Museveni delves into discussions surrounding Uganda’s economy, historical context, political integration, and the challenges accompanying prosperity, strategic security, and fraternity. He presents Pan-Africanism as a powerful tool for leveraging similarities and linkages among African peoples, enabling collective prosperity for the continent. He astutely highlights the global problem of chauvinism, recognising its detrimental impact on progress.

As the conversation draws to a close, President Museveni graciously shares his visionary outlook for the future of Uganda. Prepare to be enlightened as you tune in to this remarkable episode, discovering for yourself the true essence of Ugandanness under the insightful guidance of President Museveni.

This conversation will undoubtedly challenge your misconceptions about Uganda and provide a human face to the man behind the helm.

About H. E. President Museveni:

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is a visionary politician and esteemed retired senior military officer who has held the honourable position of the 9th President of Uganda since January 26, 1986.


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