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Life's journey is a series of highs and lows, and our unwavering resilience and determination enable us to persevere through both. Shockingly, 66% of visually impaired individuals in the UK of working age are unemployed, highlighting how our disabling environment plays a significant role. In the face of an unfair world, we must rise to the occasion, ready to fight for what we deserve.

Join host Rajan Nazran in an inspiring podcast episode as he engages in a profound conversation with Amar Latif, a remarkable individual who has defied all odds and embraced life with resilience and determination. Despite being visually impaired, Amar is an adventurer, explorer, motivational speaker, radio presenter, and passionate advocate for the Rafiki Thabo Foundation.

Amar's journey began in England, where he enjoyed a normal and healthy childhood. However, his teenage years marked the gradual loss of his vision, and by the age of 18, he had become completely blind. Despite the challenges he faced, including two other visually impaired siblings and societal prejudices within the South Asian community, Amar took control of his life and regained his confidence.

For the past 20 years, Amar has been travelling the world, using his remaining senses to immerse himself in different cultures and experiences. Through his unique perspective, he gains a profound understanding of each place he visits, connecting with people from diverse backgrounds. Amar has created a meaningful and inclusive way to explore the world by collaborating with sighted individuals who provide detailed descriptions and visually impaired individuals who engage their other senses.

Amar's dedication to making a difference extends to his involvement with the Rafiki Thabo Foundation. As part of a charity campaign, he is preparing to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, aiming to support the education of young children and advocate for equality for disabled individuals. Having faced personal challenges while pursuing education and travel, Amar recognizes the inherent unfairness in a world designed for non-disabled individuals. Through his work, he strives to challenge preconceptions and create a more inclusive society where everyone can stand on equal ground and have a voice.

This podcast episode is a testament to Amar's unwavering spirit and an empowering reminder of the importance of understanding and embracing our similarities as human beings. Join the conversation as Amar shares his remarkable journey and passion for creating positive change in the world.

Prepare to be inspired by the determination and resilience of an individual who has triumphed over adversity and emerged as a true beacon of hope.


About Amar Latif


Amar Latif is a visually impaired explorer embarking on his most challenging expedition yet in August: climbing the renowned Mount Kilimanjaro. Accompanied by sighted companions who describe the scenery to him, Amar will rely on his other senses to navigate the treacherous 5900m ascent. His goal is to provide an inclusive adventure, teaching his fellow hikers, including Everest record holder Kami Rita Sherpa and Grand Slam Explorer Bob Bhania, to rely on their senses.

This mission supports the Rafiki Thabo Foundation, a charity that promotes education for disabled children in East Africa, an issue close to Amar's heart. Despite facing obstacles from a young age when he lost sight, Amar defied expectations and founded a travel company that empowers blind individuals to explore the world. His connection to Rafiki Thabo stems from understanding how different his life could have been if he had been born in his parents' native Pakistan, where perceptions of disability are distinct.

Amar Latif's journey is a testament to his unwavering spirit, determination, and commitment to creating equal opportunities for all.


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