“By providing the oxygen of publicity to the biggest conversations, we enable the world to become a better place one conversation at a time” Rajan Nazran 



My Journey – The Indian Self discovery

As nationalities we are many, but as people we are one

My name is Rajan Nazran and in the past 15 years, I have travelled to over 50 countries, taking on some of the biggest conversations and covering stories from around the globe. My appetite for exploration, inside know-how and good food, has seen me voyaging far and wide, from the edges of the Amazon Rainforest, battling against the hurricanes of the Caribbean, being taken hostage in Eastern Europe, through to facing Ebola in West Africa. But now I take on my biggest expedition so far…discovering countries and places that are home to our diaspora and the real experiences that come with it.

This portal tracks my journey across the globe, visiting new locations each as unique as the last, and providing you with insights on the places to go, the experiences to be had and understanding more about our Indian diaspora and the opportunities in the places they call home. The Global Indian Series is an immersive platform that provides original, memorable and exclusive content with on-ground interviews with key people including Heads of State and insights from incredible people. It also provides a platform to celebrate the extraordinary tentacles of Indianness that has weaved itself across the globe.

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Rajan Nazran is a 2nd generation British Indian. His mother was born in Cagayan – Philippine islands and his father in Punjab – India. He is often referred to as a wise wonderer and has worked in over 50 countries around the globe with his work featuring in the likes of TIME Magazine, Capital Magazine, The Miami Herald, The Daily Telegraph, Fortune, Shanghai Daily and now exclusively with the Indian Express Group. As an experienced journalist, TV presenter and entrepreneur, he has travelled to some of the world’s most misunderstood countries, from recording experiences in Sierra Leone during the Ebola crisis through to witnessing first-hand tensions in Guyana. He is an amateur chef and foodie, free diver, keen conservationist and musician.