St Lucia

Unsure about Offshore, A Saint Has Arrived

THE BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS, REPUBLIC OF IRELAND, THE CHANNEL ISLANDS, AND MAURITIUS are all commonly tied together with one business; offshore banking and finance. As the sector evolves and with the proliferation of Special Economic Zones, (or free zones as they are more commonly referred to) offshore doesn’t even have to embody its literal definition – making investor options plentiful.…

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BAY GARDENS RESORTS – Alena IN OUR FIRST MONTH IN ST LUCIA WE RENTED  THE SAME VILLA IN WHICH AMY WINEHOUSE  was kicked out of when she was taking a  break from real life. We continued to move, discovering  the island and after a 3 week stint in a romantic  hideaway alone with myself and my tear-salted eggs set for …

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