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It is a country where you can get easily lost within its skin as its home to the fourth holiest Islamic city, medieval rock churches, the world famous Simien and Bale mountains, the mystical Omo Valley, its very own little Italy, dances that reign in from the time of Moses and above all, food that will fascinate your taste buds whilst questioning the very root of human existence! Yes, welcome to Ethiopia

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India is the only country that has an  official acronym for its expatriates-  NRIs or “Non-Resident Indians”.  In my book, India: From Midnight  to Millennium I had suggested, only  half-jokingly, that the question is  whether NRI should stand for ‘Not  Really Indian’ or, instead, ‘Never  Relinquished India’. But in reality,  given the remarkable achievements  of our expatriates and the extraordinary …

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Globalization brings choice

As we move towards the third  decade of the 21st century,  it is undeniable that India  is a major international financial  and corporate powerhouse. Indian  capital and corporate capability are  major influences on global business.  With this dynamic comes choice  for Indians, and a major reversal  of the recent historical experience.  Many of the historical “Indian”  communities around the world…

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