Citizenship for Global Indians


ST. KITTS AND NEVIS ARE ATTRACTING MANY INVESTORS into the islands due to the great potential and the multiplicity of investment incentives in place. The Citizenship by Investment Program is one such program geared toward attracting investors and residents to the islands. As apart from its natural beauty, charm and wonderful climate it offers investors varying options to play with…

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Assessing options in St Kitts and Nevis

BY STACEY ABERDEEN ABERDEEN LAW PROVIDES WORLD-CLASS LEGAL SERVICES to their clients. With a mantra of imagination, determination, hard work and a client focus result-driven approach. Providing legal services both locally, regionally in the Caribbean and internationally in areas of Real Estate, Corporate Law, Family, Civil Litigation and Investments. They will listen to your concerns, issues, and seek to understand…

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Globalization brings choice

As we move towards the third  decade of the 21st century,  it is undeniable that India  is a major international financial  and corporate powerhouse. Indian  capital and corporate capability are  major influences on global business.  With this dynamic comes choice  for Indians, and a major reversal  of the recent historical experience.  Many of the historical “Indian”  communities around the world…

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