Dr Praveen Sher

Over 3-4 lac of Indias population die due to the waiting times for transplants.  Praveens research is at the cutting edge to change this. He is exploring an alternate desktop based organ printing approach using biomaterials to fabricate 3D setup

to create artificial organs as well as act as disease models. If this work is successful it has the potential to change the paradigm of the world research in this field. 

Dr. Arunava Pradhan

Born: Midnapore, West Bengal

Lives in : Portugal

Making impact in- Ecosystems and Global Change

India has suffered at the hands of dramatic wildfires and with climate change being a real issue.

He has committed to dedicated research to investigate the impacts of biodiversity loss, climate warming, wildfires, and chemical emergent contaminants on aquatic biota, and ecosystem processes and services. His line of research is rooted in mission to address the 2030 UN Agenda for Sustainable Development and to help India prosper

Monisha Elumalai

Born:Vellore, Tamilnadu, India

Lives in : Portugal

Zebra Mussels (Dreissena Polymorpha) is a highly invasive species and spreading across the region causing enormous economical and environmental damages. 

Her line of research looks to detect the specific DNA sequence that holds for sensing applications not only related to environmental analysis but also in many other fields such as food analysis or health. If successful it will reshape the region and restore many livelihoods.

Dr. Banani Kundu

Born: Kolkata, West Bengal

Lives in : Portugal

Making Impact in – Early detection of cancer

Cancer has high mortality rate worldwide including India which needs to be addressed at war scale front.

An alumnus of IIT Kharagpur her line of research is to analyze the physicochemical properties of tissue in order to find cheap alternative diagnostic tools so that we can detect at very early stage  as well as identify new therapeutic targets of cancer.

Dr. Krishna Kant

Born: Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Lives in : Portugal

Making Impact in – Medical devices

Developing models are important in understanding the progression of disease.

His research line focuses on developing microfluidic technologies for 3D microtissues tumor cancer models with sensing platform along with 3D multi-tissue in-vitro tumor model on a chip.

Kirthiga Ramalingam

Born: Chennai, Tamilnadu

Lives in : Portugal

Making impact in: Cartilage tissue engineering

Cartilage lesions are most common form of osteoarthritis which affects a large part of Indian population.

Her research line looks to use smart injectable biomaterial with minimal invasive method as an alternative to current surgery approach.  


Born: Hyderabad, Telangana

Lives in : Portugal

Making impact in: Electron microscopy imaging and spectroscopy

Atomic-scale characterization of materials is important to understand the physical and chemical origin of fundamental properties.

Her research is focussed on exploring the state-of-the-art capabilities of TEM in atomic-scale imaging and spectroscopy for studying atomically thin layered transition metal chalcogenides which have several potential applications. 

Dr. Mitesh Parmar

Born: Vadodara, Gujarat

Lives in : Portugal

Making impact in:  Environmental Sensors  

Estimation and measurement of pollutants in the ambience is the first step to check or control it.  

His research work is about designing, fabricating and packing of sensors with their applications in the fields of environment pollution, automobile industry, medical safety, domestic and smart cities application.

Dr. Mrinalinee & Rajat Pandey

Born: Patna, Bihar, Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Lives in : Portugal

Making impact as: Medical Entrepreneur   

Reach of medical facilities is a concern and have immense scope to improve healthcare.

This power couple has started medical tourism company –Meditripper, which facilitates the best and budget friendly medical treatment for patients from across the world. Dr. Mrinalinee has a PhD in wireless communications while Dr. Rajat, an alumnus of IIT Guwahati currently working as a European union funding consultant, is a scientist with 12 years of research experience in academia and biotechnology industry.

Dr. Rajesh Thomas

Born: Calicut, Kerala

Lives in : Portugal

Making impact as: Energy conservation    

In the days to come the need of energy will be most pertinent question to be addressed.

An IISc Bangalore alumnus, his research work is focused in the material synthesis and assembly of Lithium and Sodium ion batteries to produce energy storage devices.  

Dr. Sandeep Kaushik

Born: New Delhi

Lives in : Portugal

Making impact as: Computational Biologist     

Simulations of biological or industrial computational models can predict certain parameters of interest acting as vanguard of modern day research

An NII New Delhi alumnus, his research work focuses on molecular simulations, genomics and programming allowing studies on complex phenomena related to breast cancer like morphogenesis, angiogenesis and metastasis.

Shailendra Singh Tanwar

Born: Tanwar, Rajasthan

Lives in : Portugal

Making impact in: Automobile sector   

Safe cars with high tech gadgets are the need of the hour.

His research conducted directly at BOSCH campus is mainly focused in car to car communications.  

Dr. Sitaramanjaneya Mouli Thalluri

Born: Mangalagiri,, Andhra Pradesh

Lives in : Portugal

Making impact as: Hydrogen as energy source    

Increasing climate changes have kept hydrogen economy at the highest political agenda.  

Working on the research area based on water splitting to convert renewable and sustainable solar energy into storable hydrogen gas his work involves in developing materials that absorb light energy form sun and utilize it to split water to produce hydrogen and oxygen.

Dr. Vinaya Kumar K B

Born: Thyavanige, Karnataka

Lives in : Portugal

Making impact as: Hybrid sensing devices    

Hybrid sensing devices have very vast applications ranging from the development of diagnostic tools to inertial navigation system.

An IISc Banglore alumnus, his research line is about designing, fabrication and optimization of hybrid sensing devises to solve real-time societal challenges using interdisciplinary approach.

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