Martinhal Resorts is an award winning  exclusive collection of luxury, family  focused resorts & hotels located in Portugal’s  most elite neighbourhoods in Lisbon,  Cascais and the Algarve, offering you golf,  beaches, the coastline, charming city-life,  surf, sand and lots of sunshine.  Martinhal becomes an emotion once  families have actually had the opportunity  to experience what this truly unique luxury  hospitality company has to offer. What  you experience at any of the Martinhal  properties, is the sentiment of being  genuinely looked after, which is what stays  with you irrespective of whether you’re 3  years or 75 years of age, whether it’s at  their flagship beach resort in Sagres which  is literally like having a whole universe of  thoughtfully put together experiences for  families encompassed within one massive  resort, just as at the Martinhal resort in  Cascais & the Golf resort in Quinta do  Lago, or at their iconic property in the  heart of Lisbon that allows families to  explore the capital city at their own pace  while being propped with all the support  they would perhaps receive from their  parents & grandparents.  The concept stems from the owners actual  need for such a family focused luxury  resort/s during the phase when their travel  evolved from that of a couple, to one with  their growing family, which needed not  only a resort that was luxurious yet genuinely  welcoming of kids of all ages, but  cared enough about them to create facilities  & experiences around their entertainment,  a full-fledged concierge service  dedicated for babies, so families didn’t  have to lug strollers, baby baths, bottle  warmers, sterilizers, cots & cribs, organic  baby purees while exploring the world with  their children.  And as we all know, any concept, product  or service that caters to an actual need, is  bound to meet its share of success. Even  from countries like India, where parents  are fairly paranoid about leaving their kids  at kids clubs, the thoughtfulness of Martinhal’s  concept allows for parents to enjoy  some me time if they’d like, while knowing  that their kids are gainfully occupied with  certified trainers at their signature Pyjama  Club that are in-house employees with  Martinhal. Additionally, the landscapes of  Martinhal’s properties are designed in such  a way that it allows families to bond  together over fun new activities, all amidst  nature, and their  experiences are  created to  build  lifelong  memories  – it would be  quite hard to  forget your little  ones’ first water  experience or  their first ever visit to a  mom & baby spa or their  first surf or paddle  board  lesson  wouldn’t it?  Martinhal Resorts have won several international  awards for their unique “Baby  Concierge Service” that offers you everything  you need for your infant or teenage  kid. With high-chairs at every table, kids  corners and/ or playgrounds at every  restaurant, kids clubs and play areas  designed for children of all ages, they  surely know how to keep their baby guests  extremely happy.  The idea behind this is to make it a stress  free holiday for the parents and a super fun  and engaging holiday for the kids, where  they’re learning new things and making  new friends, and for families to bond  together. The owner’s tag line actually says  – Martinhal creates a luxury family travel  experience where mums can actually have  their cappuccino with the foam still on it!  Martinhal’s natural settings allow kids the  luxury of massive outdoor spaces where  they can enjoy all their fun games &  activities amidst nature, which is such a  refreshing change for families coming  from big cities, and Martinhal’s “baby’s  first” holiday concept has won them  several international awards, wherein they  have trained Martinhal team members  who specialize in making these experiences  most memorable for the kids & families.  Everything about Martinhal is  designed with families in mind. From  high-class family-friendly accommodation,  to restaurants, bars, baby concierge, kids  clubs and leisure activities, Martinhal  allows families to spend time together in a  five star environment. For unforgettable  family holiday memories, look no further  than Martinhal.   

“Martinhal creates a luxury family travel

experience where mums can actually have

their cappuccino with the foam still on it”

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