THE SPARTAN HEALTH SCIENCES UNIVERSITY IS ONE OF THE OLDEST UNIVERSITY IN THE REGION with 37 years of excellence in education. The Spartan University was established in January 1980. The Spartan is operating in 5.5 acre of land in Vieux Fort with all modern facilities in multimillion dollar complex. The University holds its legal authority via its charter and license received under seal by the Government of St. Lucia. Spartan is listed under WHO (World Health Directory) and the International Medical Education Directory (IMED). The St. Lucia Medical Schools Monitoring and Accreditation Committee appointed by the Government of St. Lucia granted full accreditation to the University.Spartan Health Sciences University has come to the forefront of the St. Lucia higher education sector through beating competitors for the much sought after accreditation. The institution started putting in the groundwork for this moment as far back as 2009, laying the foundations for accreditation to be granted; opening up the United States and Canada, which will pave the way for the University to recapture its once-held market share. The Government of St. Lucia through Ministry of Education has introduced a policy whereby all medical schools operating in St. Lucia must have CAAM-HP accreditation. Spartan Health Sciences University, School of Medicine in May 2013 undertook the Accreditation process offered by CAAM-HP. As a result of this process, CAAM-HP granted the University Provisional Accreditation for two (2) years, 2013 –2015 and then with their second visit in 2015 extended the same till 2018.

Dean, Dr. Gurumurthy outlines; We have a fantastic representation from all over the world markets at this point in time. Being the first to have this accreditation in St Lucia, we open up the opportunities for students to have a phenomenal education at a fraction of the cost within the United States and elsewhere. While the University has managed to bridge the gap with an influx of students from other areas, America and Canada remains a priority because of the ease students can apply and attend to Spartan. Not only has the University been verified, but it offers a value-for-money product, charging students a modest $6,250 per trimester for basic medical sciences and $10,500 per trimester for clinical sciences; the lowest in the region. Through astute management, the institution is able to operate a comfortable profit line and even reinvest, in the form of new buildings and site development. All this is being achieved against a challenging backdrop of the island nation struggling to access US capital with the country unable to borrow any more money. The government has supported the education sector’s development through incentivizing higher education institutes with tax breaks. Any investments the universities undertake within the university zone, in terms of accommodation and facilities are not tax-deductible, as are the materials that are required to build. In emerging markets, it is always pivotal for the education sector to have government backing, with Dr. Gurumurthy noting that they work ͞hand in hand͟ with the authorities. The Spartan Health Sciences University is committed to provide quality medical education with affordable tuition fee. We provide one to one faculty assistance to students. The Spartan Health Sciences University has over 2300 graduates practicing in over 25 countries and more than 44 states in USA 

“A phenomenal education at a fraction of the cost within the United States and elsewhere.”

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